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Omg today has been such a good day! I had a little achievement today which is a small step towards this cute-ass goal of mine! I am almost finished with the first season of Orange is the New Black, Dayler arrived safely to the first part of her trip, Cami is decorating her dorm, Mema is done with the SAT, Ana is eating seaweeds, Machu is being all aesthetic and settling in her uni, Gaby is traveling, Paty is going to festivals and Isa's roomie got her a present!

Weird thought...um, doesn't it ever happen to you that you see a lot of people living awesome and amazing things and you just I don't know wonder how to spice your own life up? I don't know I guess back-to-school season is just around the corner and knowing I won't go back to high school or starting university is sad.

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Day 16: List your Top Most Awkward moments.

Okay so AWKWARD MOMENTS. I have had plenty of those but NOT necessarily because I am an awkward person, at least not untentionally. I have been in so many awkward situations in which I am the victim. Obviously there has been moments in which I make the other person feel awkward but that is just planned because I know I am a mean person.

But today I am going to talk about the times I have been the victim. Also I am just going to name two because apparently the third one I was going to write isn't "appropriate" so I guess I will talk about it later.

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The first time I was going to buy a cup bra was when I was around 15 years old. I was looking for a black one since I was going to a fancy party and I had a black long dress. Anyways, my mom and I got to the store and I started trying on some bras the worker was helping me with.

The thing about this weird-ass store is that the fitting rooms were just behind the cashier. So one of those times in which the worker was giving me some more bras to try on, she opens the door without telling me! And here is were everything went bananas.

I saw a 30 year old man starring at me through the mirror inside the fitting room, and you could imagine my face. I was horrified, and then we just held really awkward eye contact for about three seconds until I closed the door with the worker inside of the fitting room because honestly I wanted to die right there.

Did I felt a lil' violated? Maybe, a little. Did he look like a perv? Yeah, totally

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Listen up, I never had the "talk" with my parents. If I had a question my mom would answer it and then the internet became a thing and whatever. The point is that I already knew what sex was by the time I was in 4th grade I think.

Anyways, the story begins the time I was with my childhood best friend Nicky in Miami. I was visiting my dad there and she was staying with her grandparents so I asked my dad if we could hang out. He said yes and so we ended up picking up Nicky at her house so she could come over, have dinner and then a sleepover.

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During this car ride Nicky and I were sitting in the back as my dad was driving and we were, y'know, chatting about school and summer. Suddenly the car falls in a comfortable silence but Nicky started whispering to me:

"I am going to ask your dad how babies are made."
"Oh God, Nicky! Don't do that, you already know anyways!"
"I want to see what would he say!"

And there she went:

"Gonmen's dad! How are babies made?"

I wanted to be swallowed by the Earth, I wanted to dig a whole and burry myself in it, I wanted to jump out of the car's window. You could imagine my horrified dad staring at me through the rear mirror with widen eyes. And then he proceeds to answer after like 30 seconds of stuttering, listen to this:

"Well when people get married and they go to their honeymoon they sit down on the bed and talk to God. They ask him for a kid to love and cherish, then God tells them that "okay "but only if they share a kiss. The couple kiss and BOOM the mommy is pregnant."
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Please remember that I had to fake dementia in front of my dad, I couldn't destroy the idea he had of me you feel me? So I stayed quiet and widen my eyes as in "Men how didn't I think of that!" But obviously everything became worse and when to the shit when Nicky answers back:

"That is not how it happens, it is through sex"
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Well I guess that's it!
Hope you liked my article and have a nice day!
Stay green xx

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