I am incredibly tired but I have some spare energy left to put in an entry

Since I last wrote, I have officially started my job with Doordash. The job is very convenient; only complaint I have to make is that people like to make orders that require a toll to get through to get to them! I cannot take tolls to get to people because the tolls around me are expensive. I typically dash during the night since my other job hours are usually 3-8pm. I would like to dash more during lunch time because it seems to be busier!

Temporarily removed

I've been more looking more into school! I've pretty much narrowed it down to something along the lines of nursing. I have not decided what to do specifically yet, but I do have time. I plan to finish my prerequisites at my community college for now to save some money, and then I will transfer to an actual college. I cannot wait to get my life moving!

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