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The Pains of Growing by Alessia Cara is one of my absolute favorite albums, so I thought it would be fun to pay tribute by saying my favorite lyrics. (There are quite a few favorites actually)

Growing Pains
"I guess the bad can get better. Gotta be wrong before it's right. Every happy phrase ingrained in my mind."

"It's starting to look like Miss Know-It-All can't take her own advice."

"No band-aids for the growing pains."

I Don't Want To
"I don't wanna be alone another night. I don't wanna feel this blue."

7 Days
"Making boring people famous, let's pretend they're fascinating. Let's tell little girls that pretty girls are better; or that pigment or religion really matters"

"We're in some trouble, Mr. Maker, don't turn away from your screen."

"Don't touch the remote, we'll be back in a moment. We are not hopeless, we are just coping."

Trust My Lonely
"I made the mistake of writing your name on my heart. Cause you cut the show, but it was too late. You left me stained, called it art."

"I found my footing on my own."

"There ain't no love 'round here. I loved you once, but it made me dumb."

All We Know
"It's so damn hard to believe in anything again."

"The chips will fall and so it goes. And it's all out of our control. All we know is that we don't."

"I'm used to loving slowly. But it took you nothing to know me."

Nintendo Game
"Baby, baby, baby, this is getting too crazy, I don't have the training.
Baby, baby, baby, this love ain't a game, so we should stop playing."

"We better duck, cause right now, nobody's safe."

"We could grow up, but it's no fun that way. And so we treat love like it's a Nintendo game, but nobody wins."

Girl Next Door
"On occasion, I could think too much. I get uncomfortable, hide behind my walls."

My Kind
"Really wish I knew you sooner than my 20s"

"My kind of time's meant to carelessly spend
And my kinda nights are the ones that don't end
My kind of fun doesn't make any sense
And my kind of love, you won't ever forget"

"Wish somebody would've told me that would be alright."

Easier Said
"Hey girl with the empty eyes. Open up, you know you look prettier when you smile."

"Don't place the blame on your heart just to shut them up."

"Just take your time to recover, cause it's easier said, it's easier said than done."

This was actually SUPER therapeutic to do. I love going over lyrics that really mean something to me. I highly recommend this album. It's super important to me and has helped me through a lot of bad days. And Alessia Cara is such a talented singer.

I hope you all have a good day/evening/night. Thanks for reading!