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1- Favorite Kind of Movie
dramas, romance, comedy, terror/thriller

anime, perfect blue, and blood image cinema, in the mood for love, and wong kar-way image comedy, mclovin, and movies image gif, horror, and terror image
perfect blue, in the mood for love, superbad & pan's labyrinth

2- Favorite Movie
mid90s, my own private idaho, miseducation of cameron post, kill your darlings.

movies, sunburn, and ruben image my own private idaho and river phoenix image lgbtq, movie, and teens image kill your darlings, Allen Ginsberg, and daniel radcliffe image
3/4 of these movies r gay

3- Last Movie You Watched and Liked
the social network, zombieland

facebook, film, and jesse eisenberg image broken, growing up, and movie image
i'm in a jesse eisenberg phase clearly

4- Last Movie You Watched and Disliked
office christmas party

awesome, party, and christmas image
i stan jason bateman but this wasn't it

5- Guilty Pleasure

gif, disney, and pixar image

6- Movie You've Watched Many Times
coraline, clueless, corpse bride, dead poets society

coraline and wybie image car, Clueless, and girl image aesthetic, blue, and boy image dead poets society, ethan hawke, and robin williams image

7- Favorite Soundtrack
spiderman into the spiderverse

Image by Rabab

8- Favorite Drama
the pianist, whiplash, valerie and her week of wonders

the pianist movie, movie movies film, and filming films night image whiplash, movie, and music image valerie and her week of wonders image

9- Favorite Romcom
crazy stupid love, four weddings and a funeral, my big fat greek wedding, the lake house

movie, ryan gosling, and crazy stupid love image hugh grant and glasses image Greece, greek, and proud image the lake house image
maybe the lake house is not a romcom but it deserves recognition

10- Favorite Action
john wick, indiana jones, the mummy

cinematography, gif, and keanu reeves image gif and Indiana Jones image Image by sapphira 💙

11- Favorite From Your Pre-teen Years
bridge to terabithia, inkheart, narnia 2, journey to the center of the earth

josh hutcherson, bridge to terabithia, and boy image love, books, and movie image anna popplewell, ben barnes, and georgie henley image film, josh hutcherson, and Brendan Fraser image
brendan fraser and josh hutcherson ruled my childhood

12- Favorite Classic Movie
dr. zhivago, to kill a mockingbird

passionate, love, and dr zhivago image to kill a mockingbird, gregory peck, and book image
atticus finch a daddy oof

13- Movie I have Mixed Feelings About
requiem for a dream

cinema, film, and movies image