some of my favorite songs from my spotify as of now

sweet talk- saint motel
"sweet talk everything you say, it sounds like sweet talk to my ears"

take me home- DREAMERS
"i've been wanderin round for so long, chasing stars and sleeping in my clothes"

tell em- sabrina carpenter
"i cant help what im feeling, cause i'm falling down like a summer rain"

daphne blue- the band CAMINO
"you've got me off-track got me thinking abstract"

jumpstarted- jukebox the ghost
"off to the races got my love jumpstarted, the only one i want is you"

when the nights get long- jukebox the ghost
"i wanna write you a letter, i wanna write you a song, i wanna make it better oh for when the nights get long"

heart eyes- COIN
"a rose-colored dream she's loving you, with a cartwheel heart never running out of room"

it's not living (if it's not with you)- the 1975
"distract my brain from the terrible news, it's not living if it's not with you"

make you mine- PUBLIC
"you know that i want to be with you all the time, oh darling darling baby you're so very fine, you know that i won't stop until i make you mine"

here's the rest of the playlist if you are interested <3