Hey guys!!

So this is my first article ever I'm writing and I hope you'll like it ^^

I wanted to talk to you about this Webtoon ( webcomic) I've just read and I thought why not share it with you coz it is amazing. It is called ' I love Yoo' written by Quimchee and i simply adore it.
Basically the story is about Shin-ae who's a smart senior in high school and she always had to struggle in life since she was kid so she decided to not get involved with other people bussiness anymore, even though it meant not to get any more friends despite the fact that she isn't really popular. However she will end up meeting this red-haired handsome dude called Yeong-Gi and everything from her little calm life will get boosted.

I won't tell more coz I don't want to spoil you guys but it really worths reading.

In my opinion this story deals with so many unspoken subjects of dailylife and talks about a lot of relationships you can meet at any moment that we don't usually discuss in other readings and all of this in a really funny way, you have no idea of how much I have laughed my a** off reading this even though there were a lot of deep subjects. And despite the fact that the title could let us assume that it will be some lovey-dovey romance story well let me tell you that it's wRONG! It's more than some cringing love scenes lmao.

Moreover, every single character is so relatable, they are so faithful to their own personality and they won't start turning things into cliché like for example a girl who hangs out with a person of the opposite sex and they fall in love? Like no like come on people, it doesn't always happen okay?
The author also managed to handle the suspens so well such as she will tell you some details but not too much and you'll be like wth ?? I need more ! and that will keep you on reading and imagining some crazy stories behind and sh*t if you are like me lol.
Another thing that I found nice was the graphism, the drawings are so clean and sometimes the faces are just hilarant or you may also see some fanservice lol don't act like you don't like that I know you do.
And finally something that I personally really appreciated were the references to shows or even memes or vine (for all the internet experts down here lol).

Here's some pics :3 :
( disclaimer: i won't put fanservice pics lol go read it if you want them so bad :p)

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Our little main character Shin-Ae, basically she is a mood lol
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Here's Yeong-Gi if you guys are interested i know you are
i love yoo, webtoon, and kousuke image
Here's another main character, I won't say no more but I can already imagine some of you falling for him lol

Well guys, I hope you enjoyed it and that I gave you the desire to read it asap! Tell me your thoughts on it, I'll be happy to discuss with you, people :)
And if there are things I could improve in my writing, feel free to tell me what's wrong, I would appreciate it^^