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So I've been seeing these sort of posts floating around for a while now, and as an aspiring writer who is not so good at the actual writing the actual story down part, I thought this challenge might help me in some ways.

However, 30 days is far too long for my short attention span, so I thought I'd do seven days at once instead. If you want to partake in the challenge yourself, here's the original post:

1 ~ What is the name of your character, how old is he/she, when was he/she born, where was he/she born, where does he/she come from, how tall is he/she, how much does he/she weigh, does he/she go to school (name of the school)?

Name: Althea Grace Oswald
Nickname: Thea
Age: 18
Birthday: September 9th, 1998
Born in: Briarwood, CO
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 130 lb
Attends: Briarwood High School

2 ~ How is your character's appearance? For example: green eyes, black hair etc.
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She is part African American and half Caucasian. Her hair is dark brown and has a ringlet texture. She has deep brown, almond shaped eyes, full lips, and a button nose. Her naturally thick and curly hair is featured in her long eyelashes and full eyebrows.
3 ~ Where does your character live? (Country, city/town/village/island, mountain, sea etc.)
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Briarwood, CO is a small town hidden in the mountains next to a river popular for white water rafting.
4 ~ What does your character's house look like from the outside? Does it have a garden, a pond etc.?
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An old abandoned household on the outskirts of town. Wildflowers overtake the surrounding property, giving the illusion of a flourishing and well-looked after garden. The house is one story with a rickety porch and an old shed out back functioning as Thea's mother's studio.
5 ~ What does your character's room look like? Also describe if it has a balcony etc.
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In short: organized chaos. Thea's room is very small as it was originally one room, but a wall was put in so Thea and her mom could have separate rooms. Furniture is small and placed close together and her walls are covered with her mother's paintings and sketches.
6 ~ Does your character have siblings? If yes, does he/she share his/her room with them? If not, mention if he/she would like to have. Also, does your character live with his/her parents?
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Althea is an only child and lives with only her mom. However, she wouldn't have it any other way. Her mom is her best friend and it feels like she has a larger family than she really does since her small town is a very tight-knit community and she is super close with her three best friends.
7 ~ How are your character's parents? Appearance and personality.
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Althea's mother Maela is African American and has tightly coiled hair that is a slightly darker brown color than Thea's. Maela is a bright, cheerful woman that lights up any room. She is an artist that has begun to make a name for herself in the world, but still has to pick up odd jobs here and there. Thea's father Andrew died in a car crash three months before Thea was born. He was Caucasian and had chestnut curls and hazel eyes. He was born in a blue blood family and defied his parent's wishes to take over his father's insurance company and ran off with Maela in order to fulfill his dreams as a writer.

Thank you so much for reading! Until next week ~
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