hey love

sorry that i haven't written in a while, my life is spiraling a lot more than usual, but nonetheless i'm here to write in this 90 degree heat because my AC broke, wonderful

i like watching videos of celebrities walking around their luxrious rich homes and being asked silly but curious questions. it's not everyday that vogue comes to your door and asks you 73 exact questions...so let's begin

1. what's something unreal that's happened this month?

my AC broke...i live in florida

2. what's something your proud to say is now behind you?

just all the negativity that is said about me

3. how do you start your day?

i start my day by washing my face, brushing my teeth and opening my window

4. how many times have you been on the cover of Vogue?

i'm not on the cover of Vogue...yet

5. what have people said about you that made you laugh?

that i look like Selena Quintinella, do i?

6. if you could have dinner with anyone, living or non living, who would it be with?

Joan Jett

7. what's the one thing you've heard about yourself that is 100% correct?

that i'm quiet but funny

8. do you watch horror movies to relax?

i watch horror movies more to feel the adrenaline kicking in

9. where does inspiration often strike to you?

anywhere but home

10. who was your role model growing up?

my sister

11. do you have to be in love to write a good love song?

i think when writing a love song it's good to be in love so you can evoke raw emotions and feelings to the people that listen but being in love can make you write anything you want

12. do the same rules apply to sad songs?


13. what's your most nostalgic memory from Chicago?

probably taking the train into the city

14. can you describe Chicago in three adjectives?

lively, beautiful, fun

15. what was the best year in that city?

most likely 2015

16. who are your favorite actors?

leonardo dicaprio, tom hanks and dwayne johnson

17. sneakers or heels?

sneakers always

18. what's a good beauty tip?

drinking water, it'll do wonders

19. what's your favorite part about painting?

blending colors

20. what's the best advice you've ever recieved?

from my mom it's always fight for people you love and cherish, from my dad it's working hard and making good decisions from it

21. what would you like to be remembered for?

being strong but wise

22. what would you tweet about in this very moment?

someone please fix my AC

23. gymnastics or ice skating

ice skating

24. favorite avenger?

captain america no doubt

25. what's your biggest pet peeve?

people who are loud, talk loud in general

26. what angers you the most?

cloudy days

27. what's your greatest inspiration?


28. if you got a tattoo what would it be of and where?

an electric guitar on my right forearm

29. if you were an animal, what would you be?

a sloth

30. what is your dream car?

a lamborghini centennario

31. one movie that you watch over and over?

Forrest Gump

32. least favorite food?


33. favorite dessert?

hot fudge brownie with cold vanilla ice cream

34. elton john or prince?

how can you expect me to choose?

35. what country do you wish to visit?


36. what's your least favorite aspect about yourself?

not having any motivation

37. if you could speak any other language, what would it be?


38. what does your name mean?


39. if your were stuck on an island what would you bring with you?


40. what is something that you are tired of?

stereotypes in this day and age

41. what is your zodiac sign?


42. what is your favorite band?

at the moment, queen

43. do you see kids your in your future?

absolutely not

44. where do you want to live when your older?


45. favorite sound?

sprinklers in the morning

46. who is your favorite sister on your favorite show?

phoebe from friends

47. do you have siblings?

yes i have a sister, she just turned 21

48. if you could have one superpower, what would it be?


49. describe your sunday

doing simple activities around the house, not going anywhere else. maybe gardening or making art

50. who is a fashion badass?

donatella versace

51. if you could be famous what would it be for?

making music

52. favorite ice cream flavor?

anything that has chocolate

53. cupcakes or muffins?


54. who is the most influential parent?

my dad

55. favorite food to bake?

banana bread; easy and delicious

56. favorite pizza toppings?

anything with meat

57. favorite solo artist?

elton john

56. what's a song title that desribes your life?

love of my life - queen

57. favorite curse word?


58. blow dried hair or air dried hair?

definetely air dried

59. what's your favorite thing to wear?

anything oversized

60. what was your favorite sport?


61. favorite holiday to spend family with?


62. what's your cat's name?


63. what is your dream job?


64. best way to de-stress?


65. what's one thing you can't live without?


66. what's your favorite horror film?

the conjuring

67. favorite childhood film?


68. on a scale of 1-10, how excited are about your life?

1...or 2

69. what's the most embarrassing thing that's happened to you?

i tripped on the stairs in front of a cute guy

70. are you a lefty or righty?

left handed surprisingly, only 10% of the world is left handed

71. best complicated ever recieved?

that i'm beautiful :,)

72. what is your current obsession?

weirdly it's pistachios

73. lastly, if you could give yourself some advice a year from now what would it be?

to improve on how i view myself, to see some light shine on my very dim lit heart

hope you enjoyed these 73 questions

bye love