Hey Babes! I HAVE A YOUTUBE CHANNEL!! I have waited a few years to share it with you, but I feel that you guys will love it, I post fashion hauls, makeup, food videos, diys, and will soon post some challenges and recipes! Check it out and please support! If the link doesn't work, I have a link in my bio.

My Channel Name is Bianca's Life CLICK THE LINK DOWN BELOW
This video is a 5 minute, SIMPLE and fast everyday makeup look perfect for school!

This video is a Back to School Clothing Haul Video

Healthy and simple chocolate pancake recipe!

Here is a REALISTIC What I Eat in A Day!!

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Tips for successful collections!

1) Create a variety of collections that appeal to many different audiences. Example: Create a fashion, a fitness, food, hair, seasons, travel, colors, collections that different people love.

2) Upload and update them regularly.

3) Add them to channels!!! This will bring in the most followers! If you are on mobile, click on a collection, and click on ADD CHANNEL and post the collection to a corresponding channel,

Example: If you have a collection on hairstyles, add it to hair.
If you have a collection of clothes, outfits, accessories, add it to fashion.

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Xoxo, Bianca