hey.i need to talk about my feelings right now, but i have no one to talk to. so here i am, writing this article, hoping i'll feel better after, even though no one cares about how i feel.
so let me introduce myself. i'm a 16 year old girl, living in my very conservative parents' house with my older sister. as a person, im quite sensitive. like something you may not care about, will affect me so much i'll be crying until im calm again. and that's basically what happened today. no need to talk about why i got angry, cause then i'll be angry again, and i don't want to. so i was angry, i talked to my mom, trying to explain to her why i was so mad, and started to cry cause i realized that :

1) she couldn't do anything about it
2) she doesn't understand me

so i gave up and isolated myself to just calm down a bit. didn't work very well, cause i was talking to my friend, and i told her what happened, so it made me think about it, and i got angry. again.
so i stopped the conversation and decided to watch "hunter x hunter" to think about something else.

i got bored after like 2 episodes.

so i just opened instagram and watched people's posts until i got bored again.

then, i decided to watch "euphoria". i didn't finish the 2nd episode cause i wasn't focused on the show. so i just took my phone to check up my notifications. i answered to my friend's text (the one i talked to earlier) but it was about what happened in the afternoon. like, bitch can u let me think about anything else please ??

i know she just wanted to help, but it didn't work. so i ended up writing this. i still haven't figured out how to feel better though. i think i'm still kinda mad, sad and disappointed at my parents.

god, i need my fucking independance, i cant live with people like that anymore. also, i have another issue lol. i was thinking about maybe coming out to my mom as bisexual, cause i was hoping she would still accept me, but i think i was wrong. sooooo wrong. cause she's homophpbic lol. my family is a huge mess. a huge fuckin mess.

anyway, i don't even know how i feel tbh. i think im too tired. im tired of trying to be the perfect daughter. im not gonna be the perfect daughter anymore. im gonna act like my parents, im gonna be selfish just like them.

you're brave if you read it all. thank u for coming to my ted talk <3