a list of my summer favorites!


Anderson .Paak

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i saw him live this summer and he was sooo good live.


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it's daniels second studio album and it's honestly addictive to listen to


brockhampton image ginger and brockhampton image
this album came out only a few days ago, i haven't listened to it that much but i love it so far

NPR tiny desk concert: Saba

i've watched this video so many times wow



girlboss and britt robertson image beautiful, girls, and gucci image
i watched this tvshow in one day and it really motivated me to sell a lot of my clothes online


emma chamberlain, icon, and theme image frank ocean and blonde image
my favorite podcasts: stupid genius by emma chamberlain and dissect on spotify (i loooved the season abt frank ocean)

pictures of dogs (on instagram)

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this is the only thing i see on my instagram explore page and i'm not complaining at all

Dear white people

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i advise everyone to watch this show !!


'skater' jeans

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i've been obsessed with these for a while now, i just can't get over them

tie dye

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tie dye is so in right now and i looove it, i don't own anything tie dye tho (yet!!)

Stan Smiths

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when these first came out, i wasn't in to them at alllll but i really like the blue ones that have velcro on them (couldn't find a picture of them on whi)

painted jeans

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it's so much easier than it looks and it's super unique. your jeans will be a one of a kind!

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