1. Dear Society , Madison Beer.
dear society and madison beer image Image removed
"feels like social suicide"
2. Cliche , mxmtoon.
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"we're a silly cliche"
3. Teenager Mind , Tate Macrae.
idk, idc, and grunge image feelings, delete, and quotes image
" He called you back? Wait , wasn't he mine ?"
4. Sweet Boy , Chevy.
Temporarily removed boy, black and white, and guy image
"tall and gentle , too hot to handle "
5. goodnight 'n go , Ari.
sweetener, ariana grande, and goodnight n go image ariana grande image
"why'd u have to be so cute ?"
6. Female Robbery , The Neighborhood.
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"that they could shoot but that's no fun cause then they're killing their stolen son"
7. 505 , Arctic Monkeys.
quotes, arctic monkeys, and grunge image arctic monkeys, 505, and black and white image
"but when u look at me like that my darling , what did u expect ?"
8. Japanese Denim , Daniel Cesar.
fashion, outfit, and style image Image by alana
"forever's a long time"
9. Carmen , Lana Del Ray.
aesthetic, vintage, and lana del rey image lana del rey, Carmen, and couple image
"I'm dying , i'm dying"
10. Sunflower , Rex Orange County.
flowers, sunflower, and newspaper image converse, lyric, and Lyrics image
"why would i let myself get down in the first place"

that's it for today , sorry for not uploading but this summer has been absolute chaos.

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