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I hope you're having a wonderful Sunday!

The new school year is almost here and I see a lot of article about it. So I want to make my own. I want to share with you 5 tips that I considered the best and more realistic for a good and productive year.

Let's get started! :)

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1.- Emergency Kit.

Seriously, don't forget about it. You have no idea how important this could be. Everyday is a new opportunity for adventures, stay ready! :)

Things to put on your Emergency Kit:

- Pads/Tampons
- Deodorant
- Baby wipes
- Tissue
- Hair ties/Bobby pins
- Mints/gum
- Mini mirror
- Brush
- Cash (Just the necessary for emergencies)
- Medicine (For head caches, fever, colicos)
- Body spray
- Phone charger
- Band aids
- Lip balm
- Whatever you think is necessary!

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If you don't have an aproppieted bag, buy one or.. MAKE one! It's really easy. I did mine, and it's my precious! Everybody like it! โ™ฅ

2.- Be honest with yourself.

You are amazing. You are a piece of art. You are enough You're smart. You are able. You are beautiful. It's you, and being you is all you need.
Don't try to be someone else to stand out in this new year. You do not need to show others that you are courageous or important, because you already are. And people who really deserve to be in your life, will realize for themselves.

Be honest with who you are and people will be honest with you.

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3.- Study.

Which means ... get organized. You are studying to learn, to reach your goals, to learn from the world. While it is true that we learn every day and everywhere, so is the fact that schools and universities give us the opportunity to learn in a realistic and detailed way about things that are important to know, that are the basis for achieving what we want.

So study, get a planner, or a bullet journal, define the hours and days for what you have to do. Do not leave everything for the last minute, it will only bring you demotivation, annoyance and you can not give 100% of you.
Everything has its time and its moment; Studying and trying will not stop you from having fun or creating good times. In fact, it can make you get them more easily. You can create a study group, so you approach people and create unique moments while they learn together and help each other. You can do this, so do it. Do it for yourself and to yourself, because you are capable. Believe.

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4.- Don't be too serious.

I know that school can be rough. We will have all kinds of experiences there. There will be people who will hurt us and there will be people who will make us better. But everything happens. We will be fortunate for the people who remain in our lives after this stage; and we will get the best lessons from people who leave. So don't be too serious about anything; which means don't drag bad experiences beyond the moment. Take command and solve what ails you, move on. Who stays in your life, welcome; who decides to leave, thanks for the lessons learned.

Don't become the one who hurt you just for fear of being hurt again. Everyone deserves the opportunity to show who they are.

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5.- Enjoy

Enjoy every moment and every experience that school or university gives you. When time passes they will be wonderful memories and you will have many stories to tell and others that you will only keep in your heart. Every stage of life is important, the people we know, the words we say and the actions we take will mark who we will be in the future. It will teach us to get ahead when things get tough. So don't be afraid, enjoy, laugh, cry, share, find reasons to be happy, to smile. Rejoice in the achievements of your friends and be proud of your own. Time is a gift, don't waste it.

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This is all for today, lovelys! Thanks for reading! I really hope you liked โ™ฅ

See you in the next!

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