hey everyone!

so, if you’ve noticed, i’ve recently been very inactive for posting on whi. i’ve been hearting somethings, but they are very, very inorganized. recently, i’ve been very caught up in writing and tumblr so i’ve been less active than my ideal hopes. i’m terribly sorry if any of you were looking forward to any new posts from me. i’ll try to become more active, but i can’t promise anything. for now, my goal is to finish my current writing piece. if you’d like to contact me to become a beta reader, the group chat is here: https://discord.gg/r9y2cZJ. it’s very inactive, so i’d suggest messaging me on my tumblr: https://jincendio.tumblr.com.
those of you who miss my posting of memes, i do post bts incorrect quotes on my tumblr too! i’m extremely active there, so even if you just want to connect with me, you can do so there, as weheartit has yet to fix their messaging problem
if you guys miss my posts (i doubt it, oop-) leave a reaction or something. if you just heart it, i probably won’t know that you care.
yes, this article is very short, but i don’t have much to add.
thank you guys for 5.3k already!
all my love,

more about the beta reader thing here