This is the protagonist for a book I'm currently writing, called "Thorns". It's a drama story that touches several taboos without any restrain, like use of drugs (in teenagers too), incest, rape and bullying. I'm expecting to publish it some day! But, without more words, let's get started with my girl! 🏵🏵

Name: Rosalie Harmeling.
Nickname: Rose.

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The novel has a lot references to flowers, that's the reason of her name.

Age: 17-18

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She's quite young. In the story, she starts as 17 years old, but turns 18 later. There's also flashbacks of her childhood.


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She has red dyed straight hair (natural hair colour is black), the lenght is at half of her bottom. Her eyes are amber colour and expressive. When she arrives, she's unhealty skinny, but later gains weight. She also has a tongue piercing that she hides.


Rose comes off as a bland, monotone girl, almost as if she had no personality of her own at all. However, once people met her and she gains trusts in herself, her personality starts to take form.

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She's a dreamer of a life she couldn't have, which leads to a nostalgic personality of missing the past she can barely remember. Rose also tends to not measure her words, so she seemes imprudent and reckless. Her curiosity goes to an extend to make her do unspeakable things.


Coming from a separated, dysfunctional family, Rose only lived with her father for years until his death, then she moved again with her mother and brother after not seeing them for a long time.

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Her main parental figure was her father, an abusive alcoholic drug dealer. Her mother, who Rose doesn't know enough, is a light hearted Catholic, she works full time to raise her children. Rose was separated from her twin brother, Sebastian, a flirty, womanizer, yet cute, gentleman boy that likes to play instruments. And her half older brother, Mark, who lives with their grandparents, he's a happy, positive peanut that goes to college to study engineery.


At first, Rose doesn't seem to have any hobbies whatsoever. She has the impressive ability to spend hours without doing anything more than staring. She is also entertained by any thrash starring on TV.

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Gardening is her main hobbie, she likes to take care of her mother's big garden. Later, Rose developes a liking for photography. She also loves watching movies, her favourites being horror ones since she finds them funny. Also, she just likes to hang out with her twin brother.

Love interest

Her twin brother, Sebastian. (Told you it was a hard story!)Separated since early childhood, once Rose comes back after more than a decade, the siblings don't recognize each other as such anymore and leads to a troubled, hard romance.

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