HELLO! this tag looks so good! it's both inspiring and it teaches you a lot about me. isn't that great?

are you ready?

โ€• First thing you wash in the shower?

food, aesthetic, and ice cream image Temporarily removed
my belly :)

โ€• What colour is your favourite hoodie?

green, glasses, and aesthetic image aesthetic, bambi, and cafe image

โ€• Would you kiss the last person you kissed again?

green and lime image green, bed, and aesthetic image

โ€• Do you plan outfits?

aesthetic, green, and minimalist image green, rain, and umbrella image
yes, a lot. it's important for me to wear something I feel comfortable in.

โ€• How are you feeling right now?

aesthetic, calendar, and white image green, pocky, and food image
tired. empty.

โ€• What's the closets thing to you that is red?

green, soft, and softgreen image beauty, body, and goals image
my slippers

โ€• Tell me about your last dream?

green, aesthetic, and theme image aesthetic and flowers image
if only i could remember...

โ€• Did you meet anybody new today?

green, aesthetic, and kfashion image quotes, green, and adore image
sadly... no.

โ€• What are you craving right now?

cat, art, and drawing image fashion, outfit, and aesthetic image
a xanax

โ€• Do you floss?

aesthetic, alternative, and flowers image aesthetic, alternative, and grunge image
no... should i?

โ€• What comes to your mind when I say cabbage?

Image by โ€” rage. Inspiring Image on We Heart It
i think about carbage... sorry i'm french

โ€• Are you emotional?

food, green, and soft image aesthetic, girl, and pale image
so much, if you only knew

โ€• Have you ever counted to 1000?

book, books, and happy image green, indie, and theme image
it's stupid but yes

โ€• Do you bite in your ice cream or just lick it?

green, aesthetic, and sushi image Temporarily removed
i lick, i have toothache if i bite

โ€• Do you like your hair?

green, aesthetic, and fashion image aesthetic, white, and fashion image
my god, yes! i have a short haircut, a bit like korean idols, with a fringe on my forehead :)

โ€• Do you like yourself?

aesthetic and green image ice cream, food, and green image
ew. no.

โ€• Would you go to dinner with George W. Bush?

green, aesthetic, and food image plants, green, and aesthetic image
only if he pays for it.

โ€• What are you listening to right now?

aesthetic image Temporarily removed
lolita - lana del rey

โ€• Are your parents strict?

cat, green, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed
yes, but in a good way!

โ€• Would you got sky diving?

green, aesthetic, and food image Temporarily removed
omg, yes! totally!

โ€• Have you ever met a celebrity?

aesthetic, flowers, and girl image Flagged For Review

โ€• Do you rent movies often?

aesthetic, avocado, and minimalist image green, aesthetic, and soft image

โ€• Is there anything sparkly in the room you're in?

Image by t Temporarily removed
my computer, a lamp

โ€• How many countries have you visited?

minimal and minimalism image book, aesthetic, and green image
two: france and switzerland

โ€• Have you ever made a prank phone call?

Temporarily removed aesthetics, art, and green image
so many! i was like 9 or 10 years old.

โ€• Do you own a gun?

kfashion and korean fashion image study, notes, and school image
god no

โ€• Are you sarcastic?

drink, green, and aesthetic image food, green, and aesthetic image
every time i meet someone, the first thing they point out to me is that i have a really biting sarcasm

โ€• Have you ever slapped someone?

flowers, white, and aesthetic image aesthetic, food, and fruit image
yes. my harasser.

โ€• Do you have a job?

aesthetic, clothes, and fashion image aesthetic, alternative, and art image
i would like so much!
it's finish :)
my green collection

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