In the beginning on 2019 I learned the hard way that life can be over any minute. In order to get most ouf of this life as possible, I used to have a bucket list. But I never really worked on it. This is a new and updated list, containing more 'realistic' things. I noticed I need more adventure in my life, so I'm planning on crossing this all of in a year.

Wish me luck.

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Bold means done
Italic means I'm working on it.

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  • Crowd surf
  • Stage dive (at a pop-punk concert)
  • Get a tattoo
  • Explore an old bunker
  • Animal activism
  • Backpack through Europe
  • Become an registered organ donor
  • Go completely vegan
  • Graffiti
  • Make new friends
  • Have a beer with a homeless person
  • Attend a poetry reading
  • Bake a space cake
  • Donate blood
  • Let a stranger pick a book for me at a library/bookstore
  • Let a stranger pick an album for me at a recordstore
  • Get into a fistfight
  • Speak up for what I believe in more often
  • Write more often
  • Dress more masculine because fuck what they think

I hope you found some inspiration to start your own list, and actually try to cross some things of. The old list is more of a long term list while this one is actually meant to be crossed of this year.



Here is a link for the old list: