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Verbes (verbs)

French conjugasion is very difficult and there are so much exceptions but I'll try to introduce you some things.

There are 3 groups. Verbs are classified depending on their ending.

  • -ER
  • -IR (but not all)
  • the others
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ER (1st)
  • Example:

Manger (to eat)

je mang e.
tu mang es
il, elle, on mange e.
nous mange ons
vous mange ez
Ils, elles mange ent

  • Other verbs: marcher (to walk), aimer (to love), chanter (to sing), regarder (to look, to watch)
  • Exception:

Aller (to go)
👉🏾This verb is from the 3rd group even if it ends on ER

je vais
tu vas
il, elle, on va
nous allons
vous allez
Ils, elles vont

IR (2nd)
  • Example:

Finir (to end, to finish)

je fin is
tu fin is
il, elle, on fin it
nous fin issons
vous fin *issez
Ils, elles fin issent

  • Other verbs: Réussir (be a success, to pass), grandir (to grew up), choisir (to choose), agir (to act)
Other (3rd)

It's a special group. In it you can find verbs that ends by -dre, -ir, -oir.

  • Examples:

Entendre (to hear)

j'entend s.
tu entend s.
il, elle, on entend
nous entend ons
vous entend ez
Ils, elles entend ent

Cueillir (to pick (flowers for example))

je cueill e.
tu cueill es
il, elle, on cueill e.
nous cueill ons
vous cueill ez
Ils, elles cueill ent

Vouloir (to want)

je veu x.
tu veu x.
il, elle, on veu t.
nous voul ons
vous voul ez
Ils, elles veul ent

  • Other verbs: mordre (to bit), plaindre (to pleasure, to complain), joindre (to combine, to attach, to add)
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