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What grade are you going into?

senior year!

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What are you excited/nervous for this year?

This is my first year with a driver's license, so I'm exited for the freedom it will bring, but I'm very nervous for college apps.

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What's Your Favorite Part Of Getting Ready For Back To School?

I like that each new school year is a fresh start.

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What Grade Were You In When You First Started Wearing Makeup?

I've played around with makeup ever since I was little because I did dance, but I think I started wearing it to school regularly freshman year. I don't wear makeup every day though.

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Where do you get your inspiration from?

I love to look at study accounts on Instagram for inspiration. My favorite is waystostudy because she is super motivated and inspires me to make studying something that I can have fun with. I stay motivated because I know the importance of doing well in school for my future.

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Which Subjets Did You Choose?

I'm doing AP Statistics and AP Calc BC for my math credits (which I wouldn't recommend because I have double math homework), AP Environmental Science, AP Literature, Economics, and Orchestra.

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What Are 3 Non-Beauty Essentials You Have To Carry In Your Bag?

My earbuds, mints, and a water bottle.

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What Are 3 Beauty Essentials You Have To Carry In Your Bag?

Honestly, the only beauty thing I bring to school with me is lip balm. I keep lotion, sunscreen, facial mist, and anything else I need in my car.

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What Is Your Go-To Makeup Look (For This Year)?

I either don't wear makeup or I keep it very simple (concealer, mascara, bronzer/blush/highlight, and lip balm).

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