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1. Soloists or Groups?

Image removed btob, sungjae, and minhyuk image
Groups - that's the spirit

2. Girlgroups or Boygroups?

red velvet and joyrene image Image removed
Girls - I listen to them more often

3. Vocalists or Rappers?

bi, bobby, and idol image CL, g-dragon, and gd image
Rappers - they give me chills

4. Hyungs/Unnies or Maknaes?

boy, Ikon, and kpop image bp, edit, and icons image
Maknaes - most of them are my age and i can relate to them

5. Badass concepts or Cute concepts?

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Badass - is that even a question?

6. Sub-Units or Solos?

fashion, kpop, and 4minute image blue, korean, and kpop image
Solos - but I live for collabs

7. 2nd Gen or 3rd Gen groups?

gdragon, kpop, and top image 2ne1, CL, and minzy image
2nd - legends only

8. Collabs with western or korean artists?

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with korean artists - there is so much dope content

9. Albums or Lightsticks?

blackpink, aesthetic, and kpop image album, answer, and kpop image
Albums - they give you everything

10. Title- or Sidetracks?

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Title - they are mostly the dopest

11. Music Videos or Dance Practices?

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DP - it's just so pleasing to watch

12. SM, YG or JYP?

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YG - even tho i don't like yg himself but their artists are royals

13. Fanmeetings or Concerts?

bambam, got7, and yugyeom image Image removed
Fan Meetings - more quality content

14. Natural hair colors or dyed hair?

snsd, hyoyeon, and girls generation image asian, boy, and handsome image

15. Stage look or Airport look?

Temporarily removed hani, exid, and le image
Stage - some of them rly slay

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