hello everyone! i'm here with a post consisting of my favorite perfumes. i'm sharing this in hopes that some of you see a fragrance that you would like to try & buy in the future. sadly i am a perfume hoarder & could spend hours at bath & body works or any other store that sells perfume. anyways, onto the post!

cashmere glow - b&bw

this is my number 1 favorite perfume! i've gone through 2 bottles of this & need to buy a 3rd bottle soon. it's definitely a great scent for the fall & winter months since it has a musky, woodsy smell.

sea island cotton - b&bw

if you love a nice fresh linen smell this is the perfect scent for you! this is my second favorite, i first had the hand sanitizer in this scent which is how i fell in love with it. the perfume is amazing as well & i actually need to get myself another bottle of it since i ran out of it a few months ago.

gardenia - elizabeth taylor

this one is tied for my second favorite one as well. my mama had this whenever i was younger & i always loved the fresh scent of it. this also smells like a true gardenia in my opinion. it's very light but still lasts all day. luckily i was able to find this for my mama as a surprise because it's hard to find nowadays & i know she loves it very much.

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someday & girlfriend - justin bieber

these are tied as my third favorite, it's been a couple years since i've owned these but i absolutely love them! i really hope i can buy both of these again in the future but they are sadly hard to find now. however! sweet sunrise by body fantasies is a dupe for girlfriend & i love it because it's easy to find at walmart & it's cheap!

ari - ariana grande

not gonna lie i have never owned this but i do own a knockoff version of it that i found at the dollar store as a gift set when it when on clearance after the Christmas holidays. i know what you're thinking, but i did smell a sample of the actual real deal at walgreens once & it smells exactly the same & once i run out of the knockoff i'll buy the real deal one.

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love spell - victoria's secret

thanks to my sister this is one of my favorites, it has a very fruity smell & i love it. the scent also lasts awhile which is a plus for me. i also have a dupe for this as well & it's hot cherry bomb by luxe perfumery & you can find it at walmart.

pink ice - rue21

i just bought this one a month ago when i went on a out of state trip. luckily where we went had a rue21 because almost all of the stores back where i live have closed down. anywho, the sales associate approached me asking if i wanted a sample, of course i'm not gonna refuse it! it's amazing! it's hard for me to describe this one but it's strong but not bad strong, it smells great! definitely lasts all day!!

winter candy apple - b&bw

omg this one is amazing & i'm sad that you can only buy it during the holiday season because i would definitely buy this one year round. i don't get much of an apple smell from it i get more of a rose smell from it which i absolutely love because roses are my favorite flower & have a very sentimental place in my heart.

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there are so many other fragrances that i would love to share with you but i don't wanna keep you here all day, lol. anyways, thank you so much for reading my article & i hope you have a lovely day (:

- mikayla