‘I don’t want to die’, these were the last words of an ordinary mother, Emine Bulut in Turkey before she was stabbed several times from her ex-husband in front of her own daughter. ‘Mother, don’t die’ were her 10-year-old daughter’s last words to her. Please do not just read this, let it really sink in. Imagine you begging your mother passionately not to die, screaming at her to not leave you forever. And imagine seeing your mother die in front of you because of your own father. But no matter what you do, nothing seems to be working, you just have to accept the fact that you just witnessed your mother die. This is so fucking unbelievable. It makes me sick to the stomach. You would hear about these horrifying and sickening stories in the past during your history class when talking about oppression of women. ‘That is unbelievable, I can’t believe that happened’ you would say and forget about it afterwards. Why ? Because it is in the past right, why would you worry or think about it ..? But the more I started to read the news and shockingly find out what happened all around the world, I realized that we still live in the past. We would think that women are equal to men now, that girls kissing girls and boys kissing boys is all normal now or that being black, muslim, handicapped, asexual etc. is okay now. It’s okay to be different, I mean it’s 2019 right ? Sadly I have realized that this is not the case, as much as I wished it were true.. But I don’t want to stray far from the incident, that’s not the point here. You know, I’m an empathic person, I like to put myself in someone else’s position and think about why they did what they did but in this and so many other cases I just cannot get answers. I am left thinking ‘Why would you kill your ex-wife even if she was your worst enemy?’, ‘Why would you kill your daughter’s mother in front of her?’, ‘How dare you leave your daughter traumatized and without a mother, the person she loves and trusts the most?’. These questions do not have answers. The attempt to justify what he did is impossible. What punishment does he deserve ? Well that is a very different question which I am not going further into but still I would like to know what kind of punishment you think he deserves..

This and a lot of other stories about women oppression or man violence give me nothing but anger, sadness and frustration. How can we stop this ? How do we explain that women and men should be equal and have equal rights because they are both humans. Nothing more and nothing less. What gender/ skin color/ sexuality/ nationality you have should not determine how you will be treated like in your future. No it is your own behaviors and decisions that should matter. But apparently and sadly it is too hard for humanity to understand, which -again- makes me so mad. 1. because so many different people are suffering from it & 2. I don’t know how to stop it or help people suffer less.

My heart aches when I think about what that 10-year-old girl must have felt like or will feel like in her future. It is not only something you will never forget, no I think that this ‘incident’ will scar her for life. It will influence her view on men, her mental health and therefore here whole future that she has in front of her. Why? Because her goddamn ‘father’ did not spend 2 thoughts about what he did. It is crucial when you think about how much power other people in your life, whether you like/know them or not, have on you.
That morning Emine did not know that her time was over on earth, that morning her daughter did not know that she would have to say good bye to her beloved mother and find out the true face of her father, that morning nothing was neither predicted nor wanted. And that is was scares me and I am sure it also scares a whole lot of others.

You know, I am so sick and tired of all of this. Not being able to come home late without you or your mother worrying ‘It is dangerous outside at night.’. I wish I was exaggerating but at this time it is not even unrealistic anymore that you could be raped, attacked or killed on the streets. I know it is very unlikely, and you would think ‘nah man this doesn’t happen around here’ yes, but is this not what all rape or other victims think ? ‘I should be safe, nothing could happen to me, it is only in the media and it always happens somewhere else but never here’. But all recent incidents, murders, rapes have shown me: it can happen to anyone, anywhere and anytime.
And it fucking makes me want to scream that women feel the need to have some sort of self-defense-thing such as pepper spray. Also the thought that my little sister or even my yet non-existent daughter will be scared, limited in her actions or be disadvantaged when she goes through the streets at night or past a group of boys/men JUST because she does not have the same genitals as them. How fucked up is this world?
No I am sorry, it is not the world that is fucked up, it is the humans and their messed up society with its irrational rules and standards.

Here you can read the article about Emine Bulut:

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