lily collins and beauty image beautiful, beauty, and clavicle image gloves, aesthetic, and black image earrings, gold, and jewelry image aesthetic, aesthetics, and beautiful image makeup, beauty, and eyes image
Shortish dark brown hair, light brown eyes, fair skin

Famous Parent

Queen, queen of hearts, and red image August, mad hatter, and pinocchio image
Wonderland’s Queen of Hearts


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Wonderland (formerly), The Isle of The Lost


Image by March black, grunge, and style image red, heart, and jewelry image Image by 🅆🄷🄴🅁🄴 🄳🄾 🄱🅁🄾🄺🄴🄽 🄷🄴🄰🅁🅃🅂 🄶🄾 cake, checkered, and checkers image shoes, red, and cards image
Punk, cool leather jackets, heart jewelry

Ben’s Coronation

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Chess is wearing the left half

Saving Ben

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red, heart, and heartless image quotes, Taylor Swift, and Reputation image quotes image quotes, family, and text image meme, text, and quotes image broken, heart, and quote image
Stoic, sarcastic, cautious, protective, goofy


rose, key, and red image
Valentine herself has no magic abilities, but when she heard she was being sent to Auredon her mother wanted her to get her book full of magical spells in the form of riddles.


art, ballerina, and ballet image art, ballerina, and ballet image dance, gif, and chachi image cool, dance, and exo image
Often held under her mother’s control, Valentine was never allowed that much freedom. Like she cared. But even back on the Isle, Val was still frightened by her mother. So when she left, she never felt so much relief, even joining Dahlia’s dance crew.

Solo Song

music image
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Drumming Song by Florence + The Machine; Being in love must feel so good, getting that warm & fluffy feeling inside. Well for Valentine it feels like torture. After gaining a crush on certain purple haired boy, Val feels conflicted as she sings. Remembering her various past lovers on the Isle, who all broke her heart.


film, gil, and descendants2 image Image removed beach, blonde, and brunette image aesthetic, beautiful, and beauty image mena massoud image men image
Gil since he’s the only VK Val hasn’t had beef with, Jane, the Genie’s daughter Dahlia, Esmeralda & Phoebus’s daughter Emerald, Aladdin & Jasmine’s son Ali, Chess Cheshire

Love Interest

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Valentine met Chess in Descendants when she was chosen to come to Auredon with Mal & her crew. Chess is labeled as a troublemaker & he knows it. He tries to play a prank on Mal during lunch when Valentine walks in & Chess gets star struck. Causing him to become visible & fall from the ceiling. Landing on top of Valentine.

Couple Song

Dream, dreamcatcher, and dream catcher image aesthetic, glow, and neon lights image neon, quotes, and purple image red, neon, and baby image
Glowing in The Dark by The Girl & the Dreamcatcher; Before the coronation in Descendants but after the fiasco at Aureadon’s Family Day, Valentine sneaks out of her dorm that night to go for a walk. Bumping into Chess, while he had the same thought. Val starts to apologize for what happened but Chess stops her, claiming it is not her & the VKs fault. Val tries to pull away from him but Ches refuses. They sing about their differences & how they could care less about what the world thinks of them.