hi ! i'm back with a new article. going back to school is so soon and i thought about giving you an inspiration for this year. i really liked how seulgi dresses lately, that's why it's an edition about her according to your different moods during the year! enjoy :)

The first day of school

Image removed yellow, aesthetic, and quotes image adorable, belt, and black image bag, Givenchy, and fashion image
something simple, comfy but cute for a good first impression

When you're feeling lazy

Temporarily removed black, fashion, and hair image fashion, mood, and blue jean image girl, adidas, and pale image
if you want to dress quickly while staying stylish, here's the perfect outfit!!

When you want to feel cool

blouse, blue jeans, and fashion image hippie, colors, and rainbow image fashion, jeans, and style image converse, black, and grunge image
if you want to change up a little bit and feel chill n cool this is THE outfit

When you want to feel great

red velvet, seulgi, and girl image fashion, girl, and girly image girl, body, and jeans image amazing, beautiful, and beauty image
nothing better than a simple outfit where you can feel good all day

When you want to feel warm

red velvet, seulgi, and kang seulgi image accessory, beige, and oatmeal image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
just imagine being in those when it's so cold outside omg

When you want to feel comfy

Temporarily removed animal, background, and pattern image aesthetic, couple, and skate image shoes, puma, and white image
nothing to say, just ughhh want

For spring

Temporarily removed yellow, tattoo, and aesthetic image clothes, girl, and handbag image pink, blue, and aesthetic image
cute + simple, our perfect combination

For winter

red velvet, seulgi, and kpop image aesthetic, alternative, and tumblr image Temporarily removed fashion, style, and aesthetic image
depending on the weather but i feel like u could wear this during a basic winter

For fall

red velvet, seulgi, and kang seulgi image aesthetic, auburn, and black image fashion, outfit, and style image aesthetic, bag, and light image
if you want to feel classy and girly at the same time: welcome

For summer

clothes, fashion, and girl image Image by iwasalilac_sky fashion, clothes, and clothing image black, classy, and fashion image
scuuuuuute right?

aaaand i'm done! i really hope i helped you at least a little. have a good return in school, good luck to everyone, love you <3