Maybe it´s time... It´s time to forget all the regrets that I thought along my life, it´s time to forget the people that hurt me, it´s time to forget the bad moments that I passed in my life, it´s time to forget all the stress that I passed studying, it´s time to forget all the times that I didn´t choose the right option.
Because now, now we need to change us, to be a new better us. We did all those things in the past, and the past remains in the past, but we are in the present. In the present, there are no regrets, stress, bad decisions, bad people nor bad moments. In the present, we can be what we want to be if we´re brave enough to do it.

Just put yourself a cape in the back and fly to the dream that catches you.
Yes, we can learn from our past, from all the bad things, but we need to learn from them and, when we are prepared to go on, just forget them. They are not ours anymore. Why? Because you are a new person every day. Just be brave to discover the world every day.