This is the time I have been waiting for. The day I longed for. The evening I wanted.
This is a beautiful day and a day becomes a-
beautiful memory.
So much moments
but all seem to blend together in one --
big and powerful moment.

This is the day I will look back and think
yeah, that was the Day.
The day when I was so young,
in the most beautiful years of my youth
and perhaps even my life.
With so much potential, I would,
go back to my roots and start
really living again.
Start being.
And loving.
(Maybe even writing.)

But okay.
Let's see where I would land tomorrow,
the day after tomorrow,
and the day after that.
Lets swim in the sea of short, storyfull, beautiful moments
and cherish them
as if they are the last and this
is the only chance
you get
to live them.
Love them.
... Love them.