Everybody knows that the planet is not doing very well, even very very badly, and that's actually our fault.
We all need to do something for help our home, the Earth, so that it's no longer in such a bad state.
I propose you 5 things to do for helping our planet Earth. I hope that you will do these things for help a little bit our planet.

Stop using plastic water bottle it's very important. The plastic pollutes enormously the planet and in particular the seas and the oceans.
Eight million tones of plastic are thrown into the oceans and the seas every year !!! We drink water many times a day, so if we use a reusable water bottle there will be less plastic in the oceans.
The planet will be relieved of these few pounds less. ;)
Some website where you can buy a reusable water bottle:
https://www.hydroflask.com/ (it's a bit more expensive, but there are many choices)
https://sistemaplastics.com/products/hydrate (I have a 600ml tritan swift hihi)

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Instead of wrapping your lunch in aluminum foil, put it in a lunch box, so you will not throw aluminum foil that is almost not used in the trash.
There's a lot of "models" of lunch box so you can find one that you will like :)

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When you do your shopping instead of buy/take plastics bags (in the shop) use a tote bag. "Recently, tote bags have been sold as a more eco-friendly replacement for disposable plastic bags, given they can be reused multiples times. They have also been given away as promotional items." (Wikipedia)
There are many kinds of tote bags.You can find them everywhere or make one by yourself. If you're a fan of a singer you can for example create a tote bag with the photo of your singer or someone you like :) (If you want an article about it, send me a message and i'm gonna do it)

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Plastic straws are also thrown into the ocean. A lot of animals eat them and it can endanger their health or even their lives. Straws and plastic bags are a danger for them ! Plastic straws are the 7th most collected waste item from beaches ! (Trvst)
Reusable straws are made with silicone, glass, stainless steel or bamboo.
You can buy it here --> https://www.strawsreusable.com/collections

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It's an important thing. Buy seasonal vegetables and fruits. Local products are even better. Fruit and vegetables which come from another continent it's not the best product to buy. To get to our country, they traveled many kilometers by boat or plane which pollutes a lot.

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I hope you're like the article ;) I was not sure if I was going to publish this content but I wanted to talk about it. Maybe all the advice I gave you, you knew them already but I wanted to give you some basic ideas. There will certainly be a second part in a few weeks or months because i still have a lot to say.

Olivia xox

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