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Recently I have been getting more and more into the world of dark academia. I find it extremely inspiring and I currently am writing a story with a dark academia-esque setting.

I saw this tag while I was looking for pictures to fill up my dark academia collection

and I knew right away I wanted to answer the questions.

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✒ Are you going to learn Greek, Latin or French?

Currently, I actually study all three but if I had to choose I would definitely choose French.

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✒ Will you drink coffee or tea as you read trough old books?

Tea. My mother gets mad at me all the time because I drink too much tea.

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✒ Running trough the dark, mysterious forests behind the school at night or early morning walks around the school?

Early morning walks, when the sun shines through the clouds and everyone is still asleep.

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✒ Will you read Kill Your Darlings or The Picture of Dorian Gray?

Kill Your Darlings. I am planning to re-watch the movie tonight.

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✒ Will you read The Secret History or Dead Poets Society?

Dead Poets Society

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✒ All-girls school, all-boys school, or going to a school for everyone?

An all-boys school would be... an adventure.

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✒ Will you tell your friends about Oscar Wilde or Edgar Allan Poe?

Oscar Wilde.

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✒ Will you tell the rough truth or the sweet lies about what happened last weekend?

The sweet lies written in cursive letters on the yellow paper I will use to write letters to my parents.

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✒ Will you prefer the sound of the crowded library (flipping pages, pencils meeting paper, soft whispers) or your shared dormitory at night (snoring, fire crackles, rain tapping against the window?

The sound of the crowded library, when everyone is studying or acting like they are studying. The pages being flipped, the odd pencil being dropped on the floor, the whispers.

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✒ Running in the rain or laying in the grass during summer?

Running in the rain, getting wet to my bones, laughing at the moon with my roommate after having drunk a little bit of what we smuggled inside the school. Or even dashing beneath the dark clouds alone with my thoughts, wondering whether my crush likes me too.

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✒ At night, when they ask for a scary story, will you tell of true crime or urban legends?

Urban legends. I will start with what everyone knows of the story and slowly add my own elements, intertwining it with true crimes that I read about on the newspaper.

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✒ Will your old radio play classical or jazz?

My old radio will play classical music.

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✒ Will you take History or English class?

Both, but if I had to choose I would pick English literature as parts of history can be learnt from novels.

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I hope you enjoyed this article as much as I enjoyed writing it!
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Hi! My name is Caleb and I am an Italian teen who loves
writing and taking pictures. I currently live in Venice with
my family and attend high-school. Someday I would like
to be a published author. ✧˚ *⋆✵
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