I want to actually grow as a person, and not just write articles about growth and sit at home and wait for it to happen. I need to take control over my life, my health and my choices. I don't do a lot of things because I'm scared. Like a girl on the "friend meeting app" reached out to me and tolk me to DM her on instagram, and I haven't done it because I think I'm being akward?!?! I KNOW HOW STUPID THAT SOUNDS.

I don't do things because I'm afraid of failing and being bad at it, and of course I will be bad at it in the beginning, thats whats tough about starting something new. But because I've only done one thing my whole life, I haven't had to put myself in those situations until now. I've had my life planned out for me, and now all of that changed the second I quit. Wow it's hard to think about. It was so comfortable knowing what would happen, even though i obviously didn't. But I don't live life to be comfortable, I want to LIVE.

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From today, I'm not going to be afraid of failure. I'm going to do the things I want. I want to learn skateboarding, filmmaking and dancing. I want to get into photography and editing. I might want to start a youtube-channel or somewhere to post my badly edited and amateur level photos, and I'm not going to be afraid of what people think or say.
Waking up tomorrow morning, with a clean slate. I decide who I want to be, and so do you.


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