Colorful or neutral clothes?

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I wear mostly neutral clothes.

Jeans or sweats?

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It really depends on the day. I mostly wear loose and comfy pants, but you can never go wrong with a pair of jeans.

Shorts or Skirts

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Leggings or Yoga pants?

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Dungarees or Dresses?

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Shirts or tops?

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Long or short sleeves?

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I mostly wear long sleeves, but I like short sleeves too.

Jackets or coats

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Sweatshirts or hoodies

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Colorful or neutral underwear

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Neutral, but I do wear some colorful underwear.

Lacy or sports bra?

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Denim or Leather?

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Denim. Leather is not a good look for me ;D

High heels or sneakers?

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Ankle or knee high boots

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Purse or Backpack?

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Rings or bracelets?

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Earrings or Necklaces?

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Also both. (I love all kinds of jewellery)

Studs or dangly earrings?

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Sliders or flip-flops?

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Bikinis or Bathing Suits?

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Piercings or tattoos?

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Tattoos. I only have my ears pierced (a lot), but I would not get any other piercings. I would get tattoos in the future though.