I am changing, I always am, and I like it. I’m becoming better and better every time; and when I notice things are off and dark I accept it and slowly transform it into light.

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Get the best out of every situation you are in, because you are worth it. You are amazing!

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Do you feel weird? Do you feel different? Do you feel like you don’t fit in in your environment anymore? GOOD! It means you are changing, and it’s just up to you if it is a “good change” or a "bad change” let me explain…

"Good change"

The one where you feel amazing about life, about yourself, about everything and you don’t give a F about what others have to say about you.

Please keep it going girl!

"Bad change"

You feel depressive about the situation and you just let it consume you until you don’t feel like yourself anymore.

If that's your case, please know you are not alone. Please know it's time for a change, know you are worth of an amazing life.

You just have to be yourself and just by being you your whole life might change, the right opportunities will appear and the right people will come to your life.
Trusrt me, i know this because of my own expirience :)

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Please be aware of your feelings, and just accept them and move on, live by love and happiness, love yourself!
It helps a lot when facing life!

You are a girl boss! You are worth it!
If you want to change something about yourself do it, but just for you. If you want to do it for someone else, let me tell you girl, just DON’T.

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Live your best life! It’s only up to you sweetie!

Put on that outfit you love, eat that piece of chocolate, go to that place you love so much, read that book, sing that song out loud…

Be the person you want to be, start now. If you want something, go get it! Work for the life you want.

Your best life it’s only up to you honey.
You are worthy.

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Thank you so much for reading ♡

Have a lovely day. x


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