I did one of these a few months back and here I am with more reccomendations. These are all songs that I listen to and just feel a whole different vibe.
The first one:

Thanksgiving- YBN Cordae

memes, friends, and ybn cordae image Image removed
"Mac and cheese up in the oven, Grandma finnish cookin'. Thanksgivin' round the corner need banana puudin'."

Sandstorm- Mereba ft. JID

music, sandstorm, and mereba image love, couple, and aesthetic image
"I try to remember, but then I remember that you got a temper and I got no filter."

All for us- Labrinth + Zendaya

euphoria, zendaya, and rue bennett image euphoria, icon, and icons image
"Do it for my homegrown (sisters, brothers) Do it for the fam."

Can we go back to bed- Bazzi

soul searching, bazzi, and music image bed, goals, and paterson image
"You're so far and all I want is to touch you, smell your cheeks you know the weird ways I love you."

Charleville 9200, Pt.II- Snoh Aalegra

b&w, black and white, and feelings image love and quotes image
"Why you take me up this high, just to put a whole in my para-shoot?"

Self love- Dreamville

dreamville, family, and j.cole image be strong, girl power, and lifestyle image
"Self love is the best love."

Pink matter- Frank Ocean ft. Andre 3000

channel, frank, and ocean image couple, love, and Relationship image
"What if the sky and the starts are for show and the aliens are watching live from the purple matter?"


band, boys, and dance image Temporarily removed
"When I'm kissin' ya grippin' your thigh I realize you were destined and meant to be mine."

New Apartment- Ari Lennox

music, ari lennox, and shea butter baby image cat, aesthetic, and plants image
"A girl just bough some rice for decoration, ain't nobody cookin' nobody bakin'."

Conversations with myself- Bazzi

soul searching, bazzi, and music image meme and reaction image
"I'm rich enough and sad as f**k. I'm lonely."

The dreamer- Anderson Paak

men, outfits, and ddg image crazy, quotes, and people image
"This ones for all the lil' dreamers, I'm a product of the tube and the free lunch."

Scared- Jeremy zucker

brent, chelsea cutler, and jeremy zucker image alone, dark, and indie image
"Don't be scared, I'm right here."

Save me- Marc E. Bassy

music, Save Me, and marc e bassy image couple, love, and goals image
"Cup the color pearl and your silhouette embedded in my whole aesthetic."

Waste love- Machine gun kelly

july 5th 2019 image meme, reaction, and mood image
"I though we were done how'd you end up in my arms last night? I guess a little bit of pain kinda make it feel good sometimes."

Heavy- Kiana Ledé ft. Jenifer Lewis

myself and kiana ledé image empty, feelings, and movies image
"You ain't here to tell me turn my anxiety into excitement."
That's all the songs, I recommend you listen to them all, good vibes ONLY.
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