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The idea for this article was born out of an "issue" you might relate to: Ever since starting on whi there were pictures I found, that I really liked, that didn't fit into any of my collections/aesthetics, so I just left most of them unhearted. And even if I hearted them, I had no collection to put them in, meaning they'd end up along the hundreds of other pictures I hearted, so I would likely forget about them and never use them for anything. That was until I decided to "give them a home" - bluargh how cheesy - and made up this collection:

_So now that's where they go and every now and then I can look at them, get inspired and/or put them in any new collections I come up with. But that still leaves me with leftover pictures and ideas for new and different aesthetics and themes, floating and buzzing around my head. Very unsatisfying..!

But, right here and now, I will put that to an end by satisfying my inner creative weirdo (whoops, accidental Mr. Kate reference hehe).
And that's what this article is._
Enjoy! ♡


the (literal) devil wears prada / god is a woman? oh please, honey, the devil is

girl, girls, and sexy Girl image 1994, 90s, and actress image aesthetic, clothes, and fashion image red, pearls, and aesthetic image Devil, red, and aesthetic image red and dress image


soft, light and warm tones, delicate, femme fatale

boy, cool, and crazy image bra, lingerie, and lace image aesthetic, perfume, and vintage image Temporarily removed aesthetic, drink, and champagne image aesthetic image


purples, pinks and blues, some kind of magic, shining and glittery, somewhat a vintage vibe

flowers, aesthetic, and pink image aesthetic and blue image purple, mirror, and aesthetic image pink, aesthetic, and moon image theme, aesthetic, and blue image blue, aesthetic, and glitter image


pixies, light pink, flowers, fragile

Copyrighted image Image removed flowers, soft, and aesthetic image flower, girl, and korea image flowers, white, and aesthetic image mirror, aesthetic, and green image


roadtrip (a romanticized version)

car, music, and couple image nature, waterfall, and aesthetic image aesthetic, outfit, and style image music, vintage, and grunge image Temporarily removed light, hand, and photography image


lost youth, generation why, dark aesthetic with flashes of warm light and spots of light blue

couple, grunge, and pale image grunge, aesthetic, and black image aesthetic, girl, and gold image Image removed Temporarily removed fireworks, night, and city image

7th (and last)

lost in thought/trying to cure a writers block

Temporarily removed
Temporarily removed flowers, aesthetic, and vintage image aesthetic, music, and record image pink, aesthetic, and tumblr image Temporarily removed travel, tumblr, and grunge image

That's it for this article.
I really hope you liked at least one of the aesthetics I tried to create. Thank you so much for reading and I hope to see you again sometime! Much love!

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flowers, rose, and vintage image