It's my first article. I'm starting writing articles because I want to tell something in English. I'm from Turkey. I'm an English learner and in Turkey, I watch lots of series and read something in English but I don't have opportunity to speak with natives or tell something in English. I don't have native friends who could tell me if I'm making sentences truly. So I decided to write on Internet. If some native English speakers sees these articles and tells my mistakes or just reads my articles, I would be soo happy. I hope my real-life friends don't find these articles of mine.
I'm starting to write for mostly improving my English. But also I want to share my life experiences as much as I can do in English. I want to start by introducing myself. I'm Elif. I'm Turkish and I live in Turkey. I'm going to start college this year. I want to be a scientist. I'm interested in molecular biology and mostly genetics. To be a biologist, I'm going to go to study medicine in a university in Turkey. But I want to do my PhD and my future searches for genetics. You could be asking "Why do you study medicine for science? You could study molecular biology in university." I don't know how other people be scientist in other countries but in Turkey, usually if you want to be a doctor, you study medicine; if you want to be a scientist or to work in lab, you study biology/molecular biology/physics/chemistry -I mean science-. And I want to be a scientist, not a doctor who treats patients. But in Turkey, unfortunately studying science is not a perfect choice to find a job. Welcome to real life, Elif! So I decided to study medicine first, be a doctor and then study molecular biology to be a scientist. That means if I can't find a job in molecular biology, I can work as a medical doctor. So I mean my way is job-guaranteed.
Medicine and molecular biology has different ways to teach biology in university. According to students on Internet for molecular biology, students do experiments and write papers about them. They have exams of course. Their lectures are mostly about cells, bacteria etc. I mean little things. For medicine they just study human, everything about human. They memorize many things from muscles to cells. They have exams, too. In last year of medicine education (6th year) they do internship in hospitals with real patients. I've always wanted the first one which students study in labs. But I'm gonna take the second one. I want to have oppurtunities to study in labs in summer. I didn't even start the college education but I'm already excited.
After years maybe I read my articles on WHI and laugh at my English, I don't know. But I'm gonna keep writing in English. 'Cause in college, I take my lectures in Turkish. I won't have opportunity to improve my English especially for biology. I'll write and try not to forget English. I want to write what I learned in college in English, too. It has been to much for now.