For High Schoolers

Hey guys, first things first, thank you so much for reading my articles. I appreciate it so much. I just hope I'm making a difference. With that, let's continue with this article. Here are some things to consider when you are in high school:

  • If you read my other article about middle schoolers, you know about the bridge. Middle school is the bridge between elementary and high school. And high school is the bridge between middle school and adulthood. The awkwardness continues on from middle to high school. You are still growing. You are still changing. You are still finding your way. It's okay to not like things even if everyone else around you likes them and vice versa.
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  • The main goal in high school is to: COMPLETE YOUR GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS as soon as possible. You don't want to be a senior and be stressed about not being able to graduate. That is the worst! It's not hard to check off the requirements. You got this.
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  • You want your GPA to be high, but nothing beats mental stress. Don't let yourself cry so much about work. Maybe you should take a load off. It's okay to destress.
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  • In my opinion, you don't have to hate yourself for not getting into a college that you want to because: the population is high and competition is huge. Remember, luck plays a big role in your life. As long as you get into one of the colleges that you like.
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  • Don't expect to get diamonds if you only work with coal. Your efforts reflect on your report cards, GPA, etc.
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  • You don't have to know what you want to do in life, but you should start becoming with familiar with things you like and dislike. For example, in high school, I knew I never want to be an engineer, physicists, chemist.
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  • Again, stay away from drama. Create boundaries and create a respectful reputation. After my friends left for another school, I was basically alone. I tried sitting with some other "friends" but they all seemed to be uninterested in me. Then I found someone else, but she wasn't too good of a friend, either. So starting from the middle of my junior year to the end of my senior year, I sat alone. At first it was embarrassing. Who wants to be seen alone in high school? Well, I did. It was fine after I realized that it was better than sitting with fake people. And in college, literally a lot of people are doing their own things, sitting alone. So it wasn't bad at all.
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  • Join clubs/ volunteer
  • Be nice to teachers: they give recommendation letters!
  • Of course, don't procrastinate on work.
  • Create memories, and just relax.
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There are so many more things to do, but those are the main things that I recommend, the things that got me through high school. I hope they helped you too.