1. is your bed currently made?

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haha NOPE

2. have you ever had to share your bedroom?

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yeahh I hate it

3. what's your biggest fear?

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4. are you in love right now?

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5. longest phone call you've ever had?

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With my sister. It lasted 2 hours.

6. describe your best friend

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funny, cute, bossy, tall, smart, organized

7. describe your crush

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don't have one

8. what colour is your natural hair?

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Dark brown

9. what's your graduation year?

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10. have you ever received an award?

Yes many!

11. are you wearing socks right now?


12. how often do you watch tv?

not much.

13. what's your favorite netflix show?

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Stranger Things!!

14. do you sleep with the fan on or off?


15. can you fall asleep with the lights on?

No, I love the dark.

16. favorite song?

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Beyoncé, Shatta Wale, Major Lazer - ALREADY

17. how many people do you live with?


18. . what’s your relationship with your mom?


19. how much did you sleep last night?
Like about 7 hours

20. tell us about your most exciting vacation experience.

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Visiting the pet zoo and snorkeling basically

21. how can you tell when you’re getting sleepy?

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my eyes turn red and i'm basically yawning almost every 10 seconds

22. . have you ever fallen asleep on the phone?


23. summer or winter?

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honestly winter

24. fall or spring?

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25. soda or juice?

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these questions are not mine~