Hey loves! I wrote an article before a while ago, because I haven't got any inspiration. Sorry!

My last article.

Summer is near the finishing line. It's sad, but I LOVE Autumn too! It's very cozy, cute and funny! So, today I did my Autumn bucket list and now I'm sharing it with you guys!

autumn, coffee, and fall image Image removed
Drink a pumpkin spice latte
Temporarily removed book, candle, and autumn image
Decorate my room for an Autumn
food, sweet, and fall image Temporarily removed
Bake cinnamon rolls
mushroom, pumpkin, and soup image Temporarily removed
Make pumpkin soup
autumn, pie, and fall image autumn, fall, and apple image
Bake apple pie
autumn, candle, and apple image candle, autumn, and fall image
Light a lot of fall scented candles
aesthetic, art, and costume image clothes, hot body, and marriage image
Dress up for Halloween and go for a trick-or-treat
fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, outfit, and style image
Wear fall fashion clothes
autumn, fall, and sweater image autumn, book, and coffee image
Enjoy hot chocolate
autumn, fall, and leaves image autumn, fall, and city image
Jump in a pile of leaves
autumn, fall, and candle image girl, book, and reading image
Read a book on a rainy day
harry potter, book, and autumn image fall and hocus pocus image
Watch Halloween and Autumn themed movies
Temporarily removed autumn, fall, and apple image
Go for an apple picking
apple, autumn, and fall image Temporarily removed
Make caramel apples
autumn, light, and fall image friends, girl, and friendship image
Have a lot of cozy sleepovers with friends
Image removed nails, jewelry, and fashion image
Paint nails fall polishes

That's it for today! I hope that you are excited for Autumn how I am!

See ya next time <3


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