hi guys!! this is basically going to be me gushing about all the adorable things my boyfriend does that makes me squeal with joy.
that being said i was going to write a poemish thing for this but then i thought 'hey, who doesn't love hearing about love?' so here we go!
like this article for a part 2!!

1. nose kisses!!!!

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people are a l w a y s talking about forehead kisses but why doesn't anyone talk about how cute nose kisses are? like when they lean down and kiss you on your nose and catch you off guard agh!! it feels so good and wholesome.

2. hand squeezes

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holding hands is great in the first place but it feels really good to know that they're thinking of you when they squeeze your hand out of nowhere especially when you guys are somewhere where you aren't talking (movie theaters, car rides, watching tv).

3. forehead touches (that's not what this is called i'm so lost haha)

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when you guys start laughing and lean into each other but are too busy laughing to kiss so you press your foreheads together just smiling. aaa! it's the most pure, warm feeling ever.

4. dancing around for no reason

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this is one you "only see in the movies" but if you've only seen it in the movies you definitely have not met my boyfriend and i agghhh. he does this thing when we're walking somewhere and waiting for the light to turn green or when we're standing somewhere, he'll take my hand and stretch his arm out very elegantly and twirl me into him and then turn me around and kiss me and woah! it's my favorite.

5. the look

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that look they give you that they give no one else that says "i love you" without saying anything at all

6. random cuteness

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when you're talking or doing something not special at all and they completely interrupt you and go "you're so cute" or they kiss you or they take a picture of you. aaa we love to be appreciated haha.

ok that's it for now!
part two (maybe) coming next weekish??
love you guys
- sadieeeee