Good Morning!

It's weekend...
I have several things to do for self-care. Remember that the weekdays were a bit hustle and I decided to just stay at home this weekend.
Here are the activities I usually do at home...

🍒 Planning and Scheduling

Remake the weekly habits table and daily habits as well. Planning for one week activities, etc. Somehow I add a new activity for daily habits, but I get rid of another activity for balancing. Also, it depends on what would I want to do in that week.

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🍒 Declutter

Declutter time!!!
During weekdays, I have to admit that my closet is not always well organized, so in weekend its time to organize that little messy, also declutter the old documents and pc storage, etc.

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🍒 Chill Out

Well, it depends on how chill or how productive you want on your weekend. You can stay chill out all day long with series marathon and doing complete steps of skin care with different functions of masks etc.

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🍒 Dress Up

This one is unbelievably true. Even if the weekend no one would lookin at me, but while you I'm having dress up, I gain more a lot of confidence and get motivated. It doesn't mean you should dress up fancier, but just choose the comfy outfit, but stll stylish, doesn't matter of your favorite style.

But for me, I love to wear a loose shirt or t-shirt, put some accessories, then put some make up on, then... tadaaaa!

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🍒 Enhance Creativity

THIS! I really like this part of weekend. But actually, you can do this every day, because creativity is unstoppable. Because during weekdays I have other activities to get done, so I'm not doing this every day.

Things that I usually do on weekend are taking pictures (flatlay, morning, etc), baking, writing an article or self-reflection during a week or you can poems if you like it, then design or styling, create a fashion set or design interior, and any other stuffs that can adding your creativity.

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So, here are my self-care activities on weekend, self-care doesn't mean always relating to self physical, but also mental health and how to be a better self inside and outside, furthermore how to enhance a great space and environment.

Happy weekend y'all!

Alyssa 🌸