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How Did You Discover Game of Thrones?

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It's strange how I did. I think the internet?

Apart From House Lannister and Stark - What Is Your Favourite House?

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It's so close, I swear between House Reed and Tyrell. I think one of the reasons why this house is close to me is that it's genuinely humble, and over time, Jojen and Meera became my favourite characters.

Favourite Character From House Stark?

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It used to be Bran in season one, however, now as I think; It has to be Arya. What she's gone through has shaped me. I mean, I'm two years younger than the actress, and I did grow up with her.

Favourite From House Lannister?

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He constantly gets shit, but all he does is drink wine and fuck girls [in season 1]. He's so witty, and smart that he will go down as one of Televisions most-well written characters. As someone who has read the books, Tyrion is both a pleasure to read and watch.

What Death Had An Affect On You?

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Margaery and Loras. I was sobbing for hours, and basically hated Cersei from that point on. Whenever I heard her talk, I was just like 'Bitch shut up before I slit your throat'. Such legendary, and beautiful characters.

If You Could Be Any Of The Characters - Who Would You Be?

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Brienne. She's so powerful, and bold; someone I really look up to. Being in Brienne, she could teach me so many things, and I would win the Game of Thrones, not die.

Your Favourite Character to Watch

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YOUR NAME IS THEON GREYJOY! Theon, out of the whole show has made me feel so many emotions and chills. From season 1 to season 3 to season 4 to the last season. Out of everyone, Theon has probably been through the most pain psychically and emotionally. I know everyone will disagree but come on... you went from liking to hating to wanting to save to curiosity.

What Is Your Favourite Season?

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Before Dany went mad and when Oberyn was the definition of sex. Season 4 had some of the best scenes. Every season compared to this one seems incredibly bland and strange. And plus, all my favourite characters that weren't dead, I felt as if they had the best character balance, know what I;m sayin?

Game of Thrones Crush?

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Loras is very attractive...

Who Do You Think Should Of Gone On The Iron Throne?

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Margaery because she risked so much trying to go on the Iron Throne. She died for it - makes me wonder what could've happened to her if she lived and the guards let her, and her loved ones escape.

What Did You Think of Season 8?

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I did learn to love the season, though the writing, plot, and who got the Iron Throne could've been better. D and D really should've handled the characters for what they were in the earlier seasons, to make them more likeable and understandable. Most deaths were pretty stupid.

A Fictional Ship That You Would've Liked To See In The Show.

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Rickon and Shireen. They were characters I did really like, even though they didn't have alone screen time. They would of fit more than Jon and Dany hooking up. Innocent children that really could've been used more.

Least Favourite Character... Give A Reason

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Littlefinger because the guy doesn't deserve to be called his title. He broke the Starks family, if it weren't for him though, it's true that the Game of Thrones would never of happened. He's so unlikable, such a pervert, and he deserved what he got in his last moments. If my orginal character, Layna was alive, she would've beheaded Littlefinger.

A Character That Needed More Development From You

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Oberyn. From the start, the guy seems very likeable, and trustworthy. So when he dies, I felt gutted. I really would've liked to see the man grow more, so we could understand him.

Finally... Fancast Rhaegar and Lyanna

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I think the best people to play Rhaegar and Lyanna have to be Adelaide Kane and Bradley James. I watched a video on them when I had just finished watching season six. They would be amazing playing the two. And I really wanna see something happen with it as well. I think, as a reader who read the books, that this pair would portray these lovers well [christ, weren't they stupid?].
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