Name's Freya.

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Is the name of the Nordic and Germanic goddess of love, beauty and fertility.

Age: 21.

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Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

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Born in February 4th.


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Long, black hair; grey coloured eyes; natural pink lips and pale, soft skin.


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A total dreamer and very curious; likes to explore surroundings. Also, kind of lonely, but embraces it and doesn't hate it all the time. Won't do things if she doesn't like it and will stay true to herself no matter what.


beach, blue, and ocean image coral reef, diving, and sea image animal, beautiful, and coral reef image blue, coral reef, and fish image
Underwater in places with tons of exposure to nature and animals. Pretty far away from land.


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Top and tail

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H2O Just Add Water mermaid style, but in black. There're no images of that!

On land

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Keeping the black even on land, combined sometimes with a cute, girly, pink style!


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Dolphin, dolphin, dolphin.

Love interest.

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A fellow blue eyed merman. To be able to swim together and explore the underwater world would be so fun and romantic.


Image by iwasalilac_sky ice, hands, and snow image hands, snow, and winter image crystal, flower, and frozen image
Ice. She can control water into turning ice until she learns to create ice by herself. She likes to create ice sculptures.


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Reading, exploring underwater secrets, playing videogames and watching movies.