Life wasn't the easiest for me since I'm here, you know.

I had to fight against a depression a few months after I moved up.
I've leaved my family, my friends (actually, not really...) and my job to build a new life with someone in another city, far from home. Far from all.

I thought I was ready but the changes were too hard, to violent so my mind completely broke.
But today, this is different.

I became a better version of the girl who arrived 9 years ago.
I'm okay, now. Plus, I realised one thing :
If I wanted to keep my head above water, I had to get rid of all my heavy stuffs.

So today, I'm not afraid to say anymore that I'm fine (I'm really am), my husband and I are fine and I've got some goals for my life. It's a start but step after step, life isn't a sprint. It's clearly a marathon.