When I thought about us, it was tiny moments. Where my hands would be, were our feet would touch the ground. How our arms and legs were positioned. How far apart our lips were. How big our pupils were at that moment. It was the little things that made me want you. Yearn for you. I put us in certain situations, were all we were thinking about is how lovely the other person was.

My First Scenario: Late Nights

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We were at a party that was held downtown. Autumn just ended and the frost of winter nips at our skin. Our breath fogs up the frozen air. There was no room for our car to fit in the front parking lot, so we parked in the back. The music from the party is loud enough, you can hear it from a block away. It's an upbeat song. A lady is vocalizing about how lovely love is once you find it. Our shoes click against the hard concrete. My hand is ice, so I place it in yours. My dress flops around, and your tie sways. We're talking about what kind of pizza is the most eaten in Italy when all of a sudden you spin me around. My heels quickly tap the floor as I respond to your movements. Smoke surrounds our heads and then evaporates quickly. A smile appears on both of our lips.

It was a lovely moment. One that I think about often. One I wish would come true. It's almost forbidden, seeing as you don't even know I exist.

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