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вacĸ тo ѕcнool тag ♡

Temporarily removed
by giricatt
001 ♡ wнaт year are yoυ enтerιng
art, girl, and aesthetic image book, school, and coffee image
senior in high school and some college on the side
i've taken college classes since sophomore yr but it was normally at my school, this yr i leave after 11:15 to go to the college which classes are only monday and wednesday (which is litty)
002 ♡ wнaт'ѕ тнe вeѕт parт aвoυт preparιng ғor ѕcнool
Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
most definitely buying clothes that fit my updated aesthetic and shopping around for school supplies in japan
003 ♡ wнaт are yoυ eхcιтed/nervoυѕ aвoυт coмιng ιnтo тнe new year
Temporarily removed pens, stationery, and collection image
i'm excited to be a senior and finally not be burdened by tons of work, i also feel less nervous about minor things since i am a senior
what i'm nervous about is not being able to get my car and license soon because school is right around the corner and my mom won't let me take my test
my best friend across the street also shares the same concern, so fingers crossed i'm going to try and get my other friend to pick us up until i get my license lol
004 ♡ wнaт ιnѕpιreѕ yoυ тo ĸeep goιng
school, study, and college image book, coffee, and aesthetic image
the people around me who are working hard, wanting to keep my grades up/trying to avoid falling behind, and wanting to expand my knowledge
005 ♡ нow do yoυ ѕтay мoтιvaтed/ғocυѕed
anime, aesthetic, and ghibli image aesthetic, beige, and bedroom image
basically by finding the appealing factor of school work/subjects and knowing how good accomplishment feels
by telling myself i want to learn something or do something makes me more willing to genuinely do it
006 ♡ wнaт grade dιd yoυ ғιrѕт wear мaĸeυp ιn
aesthetic, blue, and eye image theme, sky, and art image
i got this duel ended eyeshadow stick by the end of 5th grade and i used that a lot going into 6th lol
007 ♡ wнaт do yoυ wear тo ѕcнool
nails and pink image Temporarily removed
hmm.. i used to stunt a lot and am known as that bitch who got best dressed lmao, but recently i began dressing down commonly and i'm scared my title will be stolen lol
my favorite comfy outfit is leggings, hoodie, and slides (a superior outfit)
008 ♡ нave yoυ ever "dιтcнed" claѕѕ
aesthetic, pink, and minimalist image aesthetic, blush, and pink image
well i damn near almost got detention for leaving the school to get food but i didn't ditch a class, but during junior year i had a college class first hour and some days we didn't have class so me and my friend were late a lot to second hour, of course that is until i was threatened with another detention
009 ♡ lιѕт тнree non вeaυтy eѕѕenтιalѕ yoυ need wιтн yoυ
supplies, goals, and notes image aesthetic, beige, and soft image
for sure my mobile device, i be dehydrated so a water bottle, and lastly my airpods ~
i feel like i'm being disrespetful if i don't mention my painkillers cause we go through a lot together but if we pretend i don't have headaches then forget i wrote this
010 ♡ lιѕт тнree вeaυтy eѕѕenтιalѕ yoυ need wιтн yoυ
lips, pink, and makeup image aesthetic, sea, and ocean image
lip balm, you'll always catch me with a hair tie on my wrist, and eye drops are a must have
011 ♡ coмpoѕιтιon or rυled noтeвooĸ
Temporarily removed art, aesthetic, and drawing image
i don't think i need to explain why i prefer a ruled notebook lol
012 ♡ penѕ or pencιlѕ
Temporarily removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It
i like pens for decorative purposes but i will chose pencils at the end of the day
013 ♡ ғolderѕ or вιnderѕ
aesthetic, theme, and book image Temporarily removed
sorry to all my binder lovers but i hate them, they're bulky, heavy, and just unnecessary.. i love folders because they don't make my back ache and they're super thin so they don't really take up space
middle school teachers made you have them, finally i'm able to own only a folder and a notebook without getting in trouble
014 ♡ ѕтιcĸy noтeѕ or noтe cardѕ
study, school, and aesthetic image aesthetic, home, and interior image
it depends because note cards can be really helpful for studying but i'm kinda the sticky note queen in my ela class so i gotta go with sticky notes, after junior year advanced ela sticky notes and me just have a special bond
idk if you've experienced this but when we read a novel we have to reach a certain number of sticky notes every time, this is the only class you'll catch me reaching expectations in
015 ♡ do yoυ norмally υѕe a planner or no
Temporarily removed books, highschool, and motivation image
nope, if i tried it wouldn't work out
though i like organizing my thoughts, my actions be kinda sporadic and with the flow
they are very cute though
016 ♡ ѕтυdy or procraѕтιnaтe
book, coffee, and bed image aesthetic, home, and interior image
if i had to chose, procrastinate
my ass acts like i didn't come up with this question lmao
but don't get it too twisted, sometimes i come in clutch with the work, especially the essays
017 ♡ do yoυ υѕυally do yoυr нoмeworĸ on тιмe or laѕт мιnυтe
study, motivation, and book image study, school, and studying image
this one depends too, i either try to do it at school or last minute.. there is no in between
018 ♡ any тιpѕ on нow тo geт тнroυgн a вorιng leѕѕon
Temporarily removed college, hard work, and studying image
yes, like i mentioned earlier, find something appealing about the lesson and that should help you focus more (ex. if you're sitting in bio, think positively that the lesson can expand your knowledge on the subject or help you achieve the good grade you hope for by understanding bc once you understand something your success only grows from there)
math can be boring, but changing your mindset to "i can do this" from "i can't stand this" is already progress
if you're the type of person who is competitive, think of the lesson and gathering knowledge as a competition.. if you're someone with a spacey personality that means you're always doodling on something, why not doodle down notes about the subject instead
a great tip that motivates a lot of people to focus is making note taking fun by bringing out your artistic abilities and decorating your notes, making you concentrate more which enhances your memory
019 ♡ coғғee or вreaĸғaѕт
study, school, and student image Temporarily removed
coffee is my substitute for crack
its what keeps me moving
but don't listen to me lmao, i don't take the best care of myself
020 ♡ wнaт waѕ yoυr ғavorιтe year ιn нιgн ѕcнool
friends, chandler bing, and chandler image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
though i'm going into senior year, i can confirm it is senior year.. that is because FREEDOM
it's cool to only be going to three high school classes everyday, and it's cool that i can officially express that idgaf about anything
its also the last year i get to spend with my class so the vibe just be different
my stress about school work feels like its finally coming to a rest.. f u chemistry.. also bio, and all the science and math classes lol
but i'm so glad that i'm not taking any science classes the tests were so whack
the stages of high school are genuinely so odd, and being a senior i feel grown
feeling grown means making my own decisions and not worrying about getting in trouble for them lol, that's just how i feel
anywho, this is just the calm before the storm
let's just hope i'm not living in a box when the storm hits

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