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Long dark brown hair, tan skin, magical blue eyes

Famous Parent

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The Genie of Agrabah


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Agrabah, city of mysteries


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Arab, ornate, exotic, comfy. Bangles!

Ben’s Coronation

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1st pics are the hairstyles


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Saving Ben

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Sweet, expressive, energetic, looney, affectionate


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Phenomenal cosmic power!! Dahlia can do almost anything you could imagine, all with a snap of her fingers.


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Dahlia is a very talented dancer, forming a dance club with Ali, & even adding a little pizzaz to her performances. Despite her wildness & recklessness, she loves kids & works part-time at a daycare.

Solo Song

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Friend Like Me by Will Smith; Dahlia sings it to Uma and her crew when they first come to Auredon to show that they can be friends despite their differences. The whole “friendship” thing doesn’t sit with Uma however.


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The VKs but closer with Carlos, Jane, Uma & her crew, the Queen of Heart’s daughter Valentine, Esmeralda & Phoebus’s daughter Emerald, Aladdin & Jasmine’s son & her childhood friend Ali, Chess Cheshire

Love Interest

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In Descendants 2, Dahlia fights alongside the VKs on the Isle where she encounters Harry Hook on the battle ship. He finds her vulnerable since she has always relied on magic but when he has her at sword point he hesitates. Allowing Dahlia to use her acrobatics to get an advantage. She leaves the Isle but feels something warm tugging at her heart strings when she thinks about Harry, the boy that tried killed her.

Couple Song

Dream, gorgeous, and guitar image moon, ship, and sea image love, quotes, and special image quotes, bad, and Taylor Swift image
Spotlight by Shakira; At the start of Descendants 3, Dahlia is there when the new VKs arrive in Auredon. But later that evening Dahlia feels saddened. Seeing that all her friends have found love, Dahlia wonders if she’ll ever find someone. Her mind drifts over to Harry but, flustered, she tries to push him out; singing about her “glamorous & exotic” life & how it effects her from finding her true love.