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About Layna

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Name: Queen Layna of House Baratheon, Heir to House Baratheon, First of Her Name, Rightful Heir to The Iron Throne, Queen of the Seven Kingdoms Also Known As: Your Grace, Queen Layna, Last Surviving Child to Cassana and Steffon.
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Queen Layna of House Baratheon is the only girl to Steffon Baratheon and his wife, Cassana. She had two older brothers; Robert and Stannis, then a younger one called Renly. Layna, in her youth was one of 'a heavenly child'. She never cried, and she was the most respected out of her brothers for being 'so mature'.


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Layna, in books has always been known as very wise, good natured and powerful with her looks. Her green eyes were simply poison, her hair was as detailed as it could get. She played the harp, sang to the poor, and had crowds whenever she came by. Prince Rhaegar remarked that 'Has their ever been someone that can capture her look, like Lady Layna can?'. Littlefinger, even said, also 'Had their ever been someone so devoted to her family, and brothers than Layna? How beautiful she is'.


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As much as Layna loves her brothers, no matter how much her older ones push her away, she feels more devoted to her younger brother, Renly, the most. Robert and Stannis were the big pair, Layna and Renly were the little pair. When he died, it caused a big trigger through Layna. She loved her younger brother more than her children, and it started something out of an act of responsibility.

[Before A Game Of Thrones]

Teenage Years

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Layna always saw the world as something else before coming an adult. As a teenager, she was going to be wed off to Garlan Tyrell, which she didn't want. It made her feel lonely, with no one to contact, to at least give her comfort. Garlan and Layna did try to make some things out of a loveless relationship, which they received. They had a boy, named Ryman.


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When Ryman was born, Garlan persuaded Layna to move where he lived, in Highgarden. Everyone was delighted a new child came! Olenna treated Layna with respect, recalling her as a bright, sharp girl who was pleasant to everyone. 'I hear your Mother sent Ravens everyday for Renly. How close they were...'. Layna, was only 16 at the time, she didn't want to be a Mother so young, however, Ryman made her laugh at the most unfortunate times.

Winter Is Coming

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Garlan died 6 months after their third child, Olyvar was born. As someone who really did love Garlan, the sight of flowers made her think of her long lost true love, so, she went to Winterfell. 'I always thought Winterfell was safer for me, at the time. Yet again, grief drives you with emotions you never wanted.' Layna's children; Ryman, Arianne and Olyvar grew up there, becoming friends with the Stark children. She worked as a Maid, eventually reuniting with her brother, Robert after Jon Arryn dies, and Ned is requested to be The Hand Of The King.

'Ned Stark Gave Me a Home When I Needed It Most. So I will Fight For His Life To Give The Justice He Should Take Home With Him'

'I'm going to fight for those who never got to during there last minutes of breath'.

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She knew that it was Cersei all along who poisoned her older brother, Robert. At this point Layna was losing herself with Cersei. She trusted her, even in a loveless, relationship. She did try to stay by Ned's side after Robert died, when she decided to head to King's Landing. She left her oldest son to look after Bran Stark, and left Merlin in Winterfell. She took Arianne over with her, and wanted Ned Stark to live not die. That wasn't the case, though... In fact, Layna was grief stricken once again. 'I lost a second father that day'.

Ryman Looks After A Crippled Boy, Arianne is Stuck In King's Landing, and Olyvar is Ever So Lonely.

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Clytemnestra, was not admitted to the ship to Winterfell. Cersei holds her captive with Sansa til Layna returns back to Kings Landing. Lee was working around Winterfell, for Robb after his Mother went away, and Merlin is lonely as can ever. Now that Robb is away, Bran is looking after, which is the result, when Layna returns. Layna brings her two boys back to House Baratheon. She can clearly see that Renly is married to Margaery Tyrell, who she dearly loves, but something doesn't seem right... Later, Clytemnestra is rescued by a Baratheon guard, and Layna is protecting her children under dark days.

My Brother Is The King And The King is Your Husband

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After Renly is stabbed, Layna is triggered by something big. 'You were never sympathising with our poor little brother...' She says to Stannis. She laughs off the feeling that she's cursed, and shipped Clytemnestra off to Winterfell to look after Bran. She killed every last person, with a snake, or beheaded, that she felt were responsible for Renly's death.'Now they can see what it was really like, for Renly. Those last moments'... she burnt a city in king's Landing to show what she could do.

My Only Daughter

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We find out, that after Theon captured Winterfell, he burnt the bodies, of what may of been Bran and Rickon Stark. However, they are still alive, and hiding. Layna thinks Arianne was burnt alive and gives off that she's an awful mother. 'Have I gone mad?' Layna thought everyday before her sleep. Then again, she doesn't think this is the problem.

Other Extended Chapters

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In Season 1, Layna is about 28, her oldest son Ryman is 12, Arianne is 11, while Olyvar is 8. When Season 8 ends, Layna is 36, Orestes is 20, Arianne is 19, while Olyvar is 16. Arianne went on a journey with Bran, Meera, Hodor, and Jojen to risk her life, eventually reuniting with Layna in season seven. Olyvar, being the youngest stayed by her Mother's side. Ryman, joins the Nights Watch, also living, and surviving Daenerys burning down Kings Landing.

[Other Information]

Layna's Children's Appearance


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' i'm no princess now; nor am i a queen. i'm a ruler ' - season seven.
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' i had so many things stolen from me that i will take back. '

Love Life

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Of course, Layna married Garlan, however; when he died Layna refused to bore another child, or marry someone else. When she was married to Garlan, it was unsure at first if she had real feelings for him after the night of their marriage, however, she got used to him later.


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Layna loves her children very much, even though she made some decisions for them that seemed loveless. At the end of season eight, she and Merlin moved back to the place Layna grew up in.


Layna, after several seasons of suffering, Layna was ruled Queen of The Seven Kingdoms after Cersei's death. Now? Layna is helping out the poor, Orestes is in Winterfell, as Arianne and Olyvar were peacefully living life.

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