Inspired by this article:

1.) What signifies the start of Fall to you?

autumn and fall image
Fall really starts for me whenever the leaves start to turn and change colours.

2.) Best way to spend a rainy day?

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In my opinion, the best way to spend a rainy day is at home, in comfy clothes, wrapped up in a blanket, lighting my favorite candle, and watching a good show/movie.

3.) Favourite Fall Scent?

pumpkin, candles, and fall image
My favourite Fall scents are either caramel, pumpkin, cinnamon, or apple.

4.) Favourite Fall Song?

autumn, fall, and pumpkin image
My favourite Fall song is "The Fall Song" by Bridgit Mendler.

5.) Favourite Fall Colour?

autumn, dog, and fall image
I love neutral cream colours, oranges, and mustard yellow.

6.) Favourite Fall Clothing Piece?

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I adore a good cardigan for the Fall!

7.) Your most loved Fall activity?

autumn, pumpkin, and fall image
I love going to pumpkin patches and going through corn mazes.

8.) The best Fall treat?

Image by ᴊ ᴏ ᴄ ᴇ ʟʏ ɴ ☾
The best fall treat is either apple cider, cinnamon sugar donuts, or caramel apples.

Thanks for reading!
- April xo