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Last week I posted about my first ever #MaddyCChallenges. It's where I challenge my Instagram followers to take photos & create in new ways. The challenge was to use a disposable camera to take your Instagram pictures. I did the challenge myself. I set aside my professional grade camera and shot my photos (which is my full-time job) on $5 cameras! It was crazy fun & I wanted to extend the challenge to you!

How-to be a part of the challenge:

01. Go to CVS or Walgreens or Target and pick up 1-2 disposable cameras
02. Shoot photos on them until you run out, get creative! You can check out my feed or YouTube video for inspiration
03. Get them developed! I got mine developed at my local camera store and requested they be developed onto a USB drive so I had access to the digital versions. (DM me on Instagram if you need help finding somewhere to develop them)
04. Post them to Instagram & tag me (maddy.corbin) and my challenge hashtag (#MaddyCChallenges)!

You can always send me a DM if you have any questions. I have a ton of followers taking the challenge right now & I cannot wait to see your photos. Check out these photos I got on my disposable camera & the YouTube video at the bottom that I shot BTS from the week on!

PS. I've got new challenges launching here soon & I'll be remaking my favorite shows & movies so stay tuned!

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