Basic Information:

Name: Felicity LeClair
Nickname: Fi
Birthday: 22nd of April
Zodiac Sign: Taurus


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Tight, dark brown, curly ringlets, chocolate skin tone, big eyes, pink plump lips, thick sculpted brows and freckles across the bridge of her nose


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Felicity is known for her kindness, grace. She is intellectual, passionate and has a lot of opinions but struggles voicing them due to her shy nature. She is responsible, independent and always looks at the bright side of things.


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Will and Fi are twins and have been close from a young age. Things have never been easy for them and for this reason they have relied on each other in order to get through life. They have been lucky enough to stay together through the foster system despite their foster father being extremely neglectful.


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Before New Ham Sam, Becca and Fi were the three amigos and nothing has changed, if anything their friendship has gotten stronger especially with Becca expecting a baby. The 3 of them kept to themselves through highschool and weren't the type of people to hang with 'the popular crowd.' Felicity has also gotten close to Grizz since being stuck in New Ham has come to realise what a sweet and genuine guy he is.

Love Interest:

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Harry and Fi didn't know each other before New Ham or at least they had never spoken. Fi always thought Harry was a spoilt, arrogant rich boy and Harry always thought Fi was just a weird loner girl.
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Fi and Harry met at the party thrown on the first night. Harry saw Fi lurking in the corner and questioned why she came, how it didn't seem like her type of thing and that she should leave. Despite Harry's hurtful words Fi could sense that they were coming from a place of pain and wanted to help. Harry was determined to wallow in his misery but Fi wasn't going to let that happen.
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Fi was the one to pull Harry out of bed and help him get over his drug abuse. She showed him that not all is bad in the world despite them being trapped in New Ham, that he just has to make the most out of the situation. Harry thought Fi was weird to try and help him, she didn't even though him, but that's just how Fi was.
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Fi pushed Harry to do his chores and mingle with people but Fi became the only person that Harry wanted to hang out with. Fi understood Harry and what he was going through, he liked that. Fi's angelic nature became infectious for Harry bringing out Harry's gentle nature. They both ended up falling for each other amongst all the choas.


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Felicity works in the cafeteria with Will doing meal prep. She was also apart of the search part to find supplies.

Allie, Harry or Lexi?

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Felicity supports Allie as she knows she will be the best leader for New Ham and is in it for the right reasons. Despite her relationship with Harry she knows that he's still fragile and shouldn't take on such a huge responsibility.

For or Against Guns?

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Against, she believes in never resorting to violence

Would she have gone to the party the first night?

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Fi would have gone to the party but only to observe, she was a bit of a people watcher


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Felicity style was casual, sometimes a little tomboyish, sometimes a little girly depending on how she's feeling. Fi couldn't afford to get new nice clothes, she was recycling the same few pieces of clothes, trying her best to make it look different. She mostly wore jeans and oversized jumpers and jackets.

Interests + Future Aspirations:

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Felicity loves writing, her thoughts, poems and workstories. She would love to be a novelist or a journalist, but her goals just seem so out of reach. Fi wanted to get out of her small town, away from her foster dad and travel the world. Her and Will against the world, always.