Hi Loves! ♡ Today I wanted to share with you 7 tips & tricks of how to look taller by just using clothes the correct way & also with a minimalist style.

1. Use high-rise jeans, pants, shorts, etc. instead of low-rise. This will make the illusion of longer legs.

fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, style, and outfit image

2. Use small bags. This makes your body look proportional.

fashion, look, and style image bag, flowers, and fashion image

3. Do not use loose with loose, if you're going to use a loose shirt, paired it with tight pants or viceversa.

fashion, girl, and style image fashion, outfit, and style image

4. Tuck in your shirt, t-shirts…

fashion, style, and blue image fashion, style, and clothes image

5. Use nude shoes & roll up your pants to show more ankle & make your legs look longer.

fashion, shoes, and heels image fashion, shoes, and style image

6. Monochrome outfits.

fashion, white, and outfit image fashion, outfit, and girl image

7. Use long necklaces.

fashion, style, and outfit image accessories, earrings, and nails image

*8. Always take your clothes to the tailor to make them fit the way they have to.

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”Minimalism: Subltle strength in simplicity.”

- Gabriela - 🍋

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